New Moon in Scorpio – Fight for your Calm

November 4th New Moon

Exact 2:15 PM Pacific @ 12°40′ Scorpio
Opposition to Uranus @ 12°47′ Rx Taurus
Venus @ last degree of Sagittarius
(enters Capricorn 11/5 @ 3:45 AM Pacific)


Overdoing it, taxing the kidneys
Working ourselves into madness instead of facing our shadow
The act of staying busy to avoid personal awareness
Exhaustion, regeneration, decay, regrowth
Personal revolution, change in plans
Noticing the inconsistencies
Downloading new information

Uranus Opposition

A not so subtle electricity rips through the air. Flickering and flashing of energy and insights. How does one sit still when this is happening? Well, they simply do it. The greatest discipline is stillness, to own your value without doing a thing, completing a thing, or proving a point. In the stillness, you can take a diagnostic look at exactly where you stand. Learn from your body. Learn from your nervousness. This is a wonderful time to process grief.

Venus ending in Sagittarius

Venus is spending it’s last few moments in Sagittarius before spending November 5 – March 5th in Capricorn. Retrograde is on it’s way, stay tuned. Talk about an energetic whirlwind. Venus has likely created a lot of potentials and minor attachments to things. Venus, in the sign of Sag is all about options and passions. If something is too boring, it’s not the easiest to be part of. Certain responsibilities are necessary but aren’t that exciting. Certain realities are literally boring but serve us long term. We are experiencing the switch from valuing the ‘party’ to valuing the ‘structure’ that enables us to be stable. Time to get a little more serious about what we want. If something doesn’t have a real use, it’s not gonna survive the next 4 months, best to give it up now.

Our anxiety just wants to be observed. It’s very simple. Do not let the fiery energy inside of you be in control. Guide the fire, choose a direction. Say NO to what you don’t want.

Our Heads are Spinning

There is absolutely no reason to do the majority of the things that are done by humanity. Many are caught up in the swell simply trying to ‘get by’. In getting by, we are mortgaging our personal free will and time on Earth for a fleeting sense of security.

Who made this system? Did someone design it?
Is this simply the default from decades and centuries of the most fearful and greedy people being in power?
Why else would someone crave to be in charge of others? In my estimation, it’s either a God complex or tremendous fear. The inability to accept the ‘lack of control’. Instead, we stay busy and occupied at every instance possible to avoid this inevitable truth… we are sensitive, we are mortal. As a human being, I am temporary.

Like jumping on a moving treadmill, we arrived here on Earth. Very likely you were pulled from the safety of the womb into a sterile yet toxic environment. Almost immediately you were treated as an experiment and taught to fear the air, the dirt, the soil, the emotions, the unknown. THIS MY FRIENDS, is the treadmill.

It is up to us to slow it all down, to maybe even step off of it altogether. It certainly won’t happen by doing MORE. No, that is the root of the issue. We must find ways to do less, so that every moment becomes MORE.
On this day of the new moon, resist the urge to surrender to the pressure. You have the right to choose your path. No human being is more qualified to decide what is best for you than YOU. That includes parents, you don’t know what is best for your kids, you are mostly guessing and trying, but ideally you dance with them to find the appropriate path.

Imagine a world where every interaction, every drop of rain, every scent of a flower, was treated as a miracle, was approached with gratitude. Would we clamor over the new plastic things or some glamourized soulless holiday? Personally, I don’t think so. As products sit on large container ships in the ocean, take the opportunity to stop caring about ‘things’. If you are reading this, you probably have more than enough.

You are the star of your own personal development mini series, and today, there is a twist in the plot. You now can take stock of your inner resources. Check in on you emotional and mental wellbeing, nothing can distract you. You have one job, love yourself in thoughts, words, and actions.

Give the rhetoric a break, sacrifice those unnecessary standards and be a blob of beingness. Be the happy buddha and let your golden light shine to all around you.

Crystal Friend for this Moon

Purple Fluorite

Purple fluorite enables us to restructure the more disparate parts of the energy body. Resonating with the higher chakras and offering an organizing support. Faster moving and potentially confusing times can be helped with this mineral.

Visionary – Planning – Efficiency – Organization – Grounded Psychic Awareness

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