You are not Alone

One of the hardest things about being vulnerable is being witnessed. Others witness just how damn hard we are on ourselves. They might even point out how that isn’t a good idea 😎

For whatever reasons that we don’t need to get into, we have these intense pressures we put on ourselves. Certain standards and ideals that we can never live up to. Superhero mentality, aiming to fly before we can walk.When we share in a friendly or even therapeutic setting, other people witness these perfectionist, hypercritical, and intense vibes.

Ironically, when I see someone preaching this ‘gospel of self flagellation’ I am like… GASP!
ME to THEM ::
“take a break”
“take it easy on yourself”
“you deserve a vacation”
“that sounds like a lot of pressure”

Meanwhile my inner churning still turning my love milk into hardened salted pressure butter. There is faulty programming in all of us. The wires have been crossed between accomplishment, money, worth, and inherent immutable self value. Let me just say right here and now…


Global shifts aren’t likely to happen very quickly but certain unhealthy patterns within our society ARE being destabilized. Keep up the good work and speak up about injustices in norms and policies. Long story short, try not to do something if you really don’t want to.

Internal shifts, on the other hand, can happen instantaneously. We can adopt new ways of being, thinking, talking to ourselves. We are constantly being influenced by the world around us. When we share authentically and vulnerably, we give these festering pressurized demons the opportunity to experience the light of awareness. You can’t simultaneously share and suppress. Your ‘shadow’ becomes a different animal in the light.

Externalize the pressure by speaking about your journey. Unsustainable habits need to be seen for what they are, this will help you and will help us.

We think we are so different, we think we are alone. Our mask isn’t so different, it’s made of insecurity and doubt. We are only alone because we think we are. We build the bunker, the tower, the cave within ourselves. When we share about our less desirable qualities we invite love and perspective into our caves. In addition, we let others know that it is okay to be seen, that we are all feeling this.


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James is a healer and Intuitive Astrologer. James is available for healing sessions, readings, synastry, astrocartography, and ongoing coaching.

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