Lunar Eclipse November 19th 2021 :: Our Gifts Reawaken

The eclipse comes to a completion about 3 hours later.

When the Earth is in the middle of the Sun and the Moon, so to are we. Raised from the soil, the rock, the seas, we are children of the Earth. Our bodies are an amalgam of Earth compounds, we have electrical magnetic bodies. We are tiny filaments of Earth’s expression while living this temporal physical life.

The heavens dance each moment with the bodies of light frequency. The moon has a special relationship with the Earth. The bond between the two is evident, as is any planet with their orbiting satellite. The Earth has but one of these and thus the relationship takes on even more significance.

There are two factors that indicate the eclipse pattern… to simplify its about up and down, and left and right. Astrologers often speak of the left and right, for instance 27° Taurus. Less often, do they speak of the up and down, AKA declination or relative height within the Zodiac. Just like aiming an arrow, if you shoot at the right height, but are off left or right, you will miss your target. The same is true with an eclipse.

A declination or height match is known as a parallel (or contra parallel when planets are at the same degree North and South). In a natal chart, these are similar to conjunctions of planets. There is a plane bisecting the two bodies, creating a convergence, sharing, blending, and alchemy between them. If you have had a reading and the Astrologer doesn’t look at these points, they aren’t doing the full job. (Reach out for Session Here)

So as the Sun and Moon align in declination and longitude, the eclipse is the result. This always happens when the full or new moon aligns closely with the Nodes. The nodes themselves are indicative of where the moon crosses the ecliptic, or plane of existence that bisects both the Earth and the Sun.

During a Lunar eclipse, as we have on November 19th 2021, the aim from the Sun to the Moon is aligned with the Earth in its sight. (For a solar eclipse, the Moon is in the sightline between the Earth and the Sun, thus blocking out part or the whole of the Sun from our vantage point here on Earth).

In both instances, there is a disconnection from the solar light that is responsible for the life and energy within the solar system. For this upcoming Lunar eclipse, the moon will be shut off from it’s light source by the obstruction of the Earth. Let’s interpret this…

Bringing Us Home

The moon reflects the light of the Sun back at us. This is true every second of every day except for, during an eclipse. Much of astrology is based on what we see, and not truly what is. Astronomy will show you that planets never actually move retrograde, they just appear that way. Similarly, when there is a solar eclipse, the Sun isn’t actually void of light, it hasn’t changed at all. When it comes to the lunar eclipse, however, the moon literally is blocked from the light of the Sun.

Light is energy, it can makes things brighter, make things grow, kill viruses and bacteria, and also warm things up. The consistent energetic transfer between the Sun and the Moon is a pretty integral part of our solar system and Earth space neighborhood. Even if the moon were fully eclipsed for three hours every few months, it would still be 50% lit by the Sun over 99.9% of the time. This is the norm.

Although it may appear as if the Moon goes through phases of being lit and going dark, in truth the Moon, other than when being eclipsed, is always in the light of the Sun. Just like the Earth, but we don’t always see the half that is lit.

So as this disconnection is made, where does the normal energetic pattern go? Well, it comes to the Earth, it comes to our bodies, it initiates heightened awareness while disconnecting us from the reflective pattern between the Sun Moon Earth. The moon holds memories, reflections, patterns, habits, governing cycles that are generally beyond our awareness. The moon is a repository for the parts of ourselves that are either too deep or too far out (which are actually one in the same, they are some distance from our personal awareness).

The disconnection brings everything back home. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an instant upgrade, quite the contrary. Have you ever moved and had unopened boxes for months or years? Then when you finally open them, it is like ‘Wow, well, this feels like a lot to take in, what is all this stuff? What do I do with it?”. Sure, some of it may be awesome right away, maybe there was some cash or a cool crystal in there, but it isn’t an instant reorganization of the energy within, it takes time.

Excuse the imperfect metaphor, but I think you get the point. When the lunar eclipse occurs, you are being given back your ‘stuff’. Keep in mind, there were probably reasons that you didn’t fully ‘own’ this stuff in the first place. So stay aware, take notes, be ready to accept your imperfections, flaws, and grandeur. Every piece of ourselves that we give away or mortgage out to projection is a loss of personal power. In essence, we are getting back this power.

Do we know how to use this power? Well, again, maybe some of it, but certainly not all of it. This is why traditionally eclipse cycles are considered an extended period. New downloads come to the Earth (us) and it takes some time to figure out exactly what is going on. The specific lessons will be indicated by the aspects, houses, and current progressions of your own chart (To discuss this info, book a Session Here).

There are, some general rules that I like to follow during the Eclipse Season, I hope they are helpful.

  • DO LESS :: Well, actually, this isn’t truly possible, less is MORE these days. The internal mechanisms are firing on all cylinders and creating massive change on the inner planes. The kidneys, the heart, the brain, the circulation, are all under excess pressure during these times as the spiritual processes transcend into the physical. You may experience bursts of energy, but overall the physical vessel needs sleep, yoga, meditation, and calm to do it’s best integration, upgrading, and healing.
  • MAKE PEACE :: As the projective effects of the moon get a reboot, so will your own. Let’s face it, anything that we blame on another can be drawn back to the source of all creation, this means it travels right through US. I am not telling you to get back with your ex (please don’t), but I am asking you to find a perspective that is empowering to your journey. Wherever and whenever you can, see yourself transcending the drama, the pain, the victimhood of your past experiences. The eclipse cycle wants to help you with this. Even if you can’t find peace with something, find peace with the fact that you are still ‘at odds’ with it/them. Make every effort to loosen the frustrating karmic ties to the past.
  • SET SOME GOALS :: You can focus this wherever you choose, but please ensure that your sense of well being and personal growth path is part of it. To me, this is about committing to yourself. I recently learned that just 12 minutes of meditation a day for four weeks changes our ability to focus under pressure. We can become more responsive and avoid awkward and sometimes catastrophic reactions. Make lists, break them down into smaller action steps. Basically, if you want your relationships or business to improve, it starts with your inner dynamics. Have a workout, self help book, or mindfulness program you are looking to begin? This is perfect timing.
  • BE OUTSIDE :: Inside the house is cozy and comfortable, but it can be an energetic nightmare. Your body tunes into the Earth and the celestial bodies most easily when outdoors. Get the most out of your time outside by leaving your phone in the house. Go barefoot, lie on the ground, dig in the dirt, stare at the stars, talk to the birds. Make sure that the outside leaves an imprint on your inside.

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