Why this Venus Rx is Important :: November 17th – March 1st

Venus Retrograde. All degrees in Tropical Capricorn.

Pre Shadow begins November 17th @ 11° 
Retrograde December 19th @ 25°
Station direct January 29th @ 11°
Post Shadow ends March 1 @ 25°

Why such an extended period?

The shadow period IS the retrograde period. It may not carry the intensity, but it certainly is essential to the insight, growth, and changes brought by the retrograde. When a planet goes through it’s retrograde cycle, it transits portions of the zodiac three times over a short period. During forward motion, a planet will cross any degree of the zodiac once.

This, forward motion, single interaction is impactful enough. As evidenced by any Sun or Moon transit (which do not have retrogrades), it doesn’t take multiple crossings to shift our perspectives, energies, and lives.

Now, consider a planet moving through a portion of the zodiac (or portion of your chart) three times over a few months. If you have a planet in its path, you are likely to experience quite an awakening and shake up. Even if you don’t have planets in aspect to or in the direct path, the zodiac and planet itself still has profound meaning and influence.

So from the moment that the ‘soon to be retrograde’ planet reaches its future ‘station direct’ point, the process of transformation, insight, and exposure has begun.

Venus Rx 2021/22

All degrees tropical Capricorn

The portion of the zodiac between 11° and 25° will be influenced by a transforming Venus. Not only will each point and planet be transited three times, but will also experience Venus at different degrees of intensity.

Direction of travel is not the only contributing factor to the mystifying energy of retrogrades. The relative speed of the planet also plays a significant role. As Venus (or any planet for that matter) comes in and out of direct and retrograde motion, its speed of movement also changes. Pluto, the slowest moving of our base astrological system, profoundly influences everything that it touches. There is less of an immediacy to Pluto and more of a long term degradation of that which requires transformation and transition. The slower moving planets have the ability to transform even the most ingrained of patterns. As a planet moves slower, it is able to bring focus and intensity to the areas, ideas, and concerns surrounding its influence.

For this Venus retrograde, the points most specifically influenced will be 9°-13° and 23°-26°. This is where Venus changes directions, leaving a dramatic and slow moving impact. If you have natal planets, progressed planets, or angles in these regions or within aspect to these degrees of tropical Capricorn, you can expect some profound shifts.

This being said, the entire region of the zodiac between 9° and 26° Capricorn is up for transformation. As Venus will be at variable speeds throughout its journey. A retrograde can feel like a completely different expression of a planet, and these are the practical reasons why.

Pay close attention if you have placements between 9 and 26 degrees of (Earth signs) Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus or (Cardinal Signs) Cancer, Libra, Gemini. This will indicate trines, squares, conjunctions and oppositions. Any planet within the 9-13° or 23-26° range of any sign will experience powerful quincunx, sextile, or semi sextile energy. Web searches on these transits can produce helpful information.

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The importance of this part of the Zodiac

The social dynamic :: In January of 2020, there was a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto occuring at 22-23° of Capricorn. From that point forward, the next few months many planets transited this point including Jupiter, causing a lot of shifts. The current global clusterfunk and malaise began at this time.

Safe to say we are still putting the pieces together and getting to the bottom of what is actually happening and how to move forward. This Venus retrograde gives us the opportunity to re evaluate the areas of the life experience (as represented by the Zodiac) that were thrown into upheaval, that were exposed from the shadows, that were ejected onto us from those in power.

Such a powerful influence as the Saturn Pluto conjunction (which happens about every 37 years) is by no means done influencing us. The depth of this cosmic gathering takes many years or decades to uncover fully.

The power of Venus Retrograde

The Venus Rx, and it’s shadow period, create a full evaluation of the previous events that occured just about two years prior. In addition, this will bring into focus what happened 8 years ago. It is a good idea to look back at the time period between November and February of 2013/2014, see how things were going. These similar issues may arise for upgrade and review.

Venus in retrograde puts us closer to the instinctual side of our nature. Instead of buying into the appropriate or socially acceptable ways of being, we rely more on the internal mechanisms to chart our path. This can create a struggle between our introverted and extroverted natures. Fostering higher levels of sensitivity and potentially intimacy as the vulnerability of interacting at this time is palpable.

In the midst of questioning oneself, it is very easy to be questioned or to project judgement. Be careful to share truly vulnerable energy, choose who you open to wisely.

Our dip into the personal sensual realms (as represented by Venus Rx) can create a ‘war on social and personal mores and values’. When something is socially acceptable, humans are less likely to question or challenge it. The Libran side of Venus wants to be liked and to fit in. It seeks harmony coming from the higher mind. Many may rationalize their decisions. ‘It’s for the common good’. ‘I don’t want to be subjugated, so i’ll do this/that’. ‘Even though I don’t want to, it’s easier this way.’

When we take a socially pressured expectation and begin to accept and live by it, it can override our original desire, thus becoming our personal value system. However, Venus retrograde brings it all back to the deep churning well of desire inside of you, the Taurean side of Venus. That side of our desires that will not be denied.

A society or community asks us to weigh our Taurean feelings and desires with the potential Libran consequences. Will this affect the happiness or overall peace of the group or relationship. There is always balance to be struck here. We, as humans, do not run on instinct alone. We benefit from friendships and lovers alike. If we people please too much, we run the risk of losing touch with what we truly desire. Following our desires can resurrect us from the deepest of wells and self wallowing. The Rx has us asking where we’ve sacrificed too much or perhaps where we have completely forgotten our role in the group or relationship.

If you didn’t want to do something (internal desire) and you did it because of pressure (external motivation), the Rx of Venus will bring the natural desire to the forefront. You may be in a partnership, a job, a culture, a movement, a group of people that you simply don’t align with any longer. Your motivations for getting into them were pure, and you had your reasons. Venus going into the underworld (retrograde) allows you to see where you truly stand. It may even have you ready to ‘go to war’ for the causes you truly believe in.

Death is a natural consequence of perspective shift. Some things are beautiful from one angle, while ugly and tainted from another. The most loved and cherished items can easily be hated and cast aside when we learn unsavory news. When it comes to beliefs or desires, they can easily be changed or extinguished upon new revelations. During the Venus Rx, these revelations seem to simply manifest out of the ether. The truth is, they arise from the more internal approach to understanding the world around you.

Time itself can wear away the beauty and luxurious quality of attraction. After years we no longer burn for the things that we used to. Nothing, however, can take away the understanding that love and beauty are universal. Once something is magical, it will always be or have been magical. The difference between the Earth Taurus Venus expression and the Air Libra Venus expression.

Simplifying our Dynamics :: Venus in Capricorn
November 5th-March 5th

Venus is in Capricorn for the next four months. 1/3 of a calendar year. This can only happen with a retrograde cycle. At normal speed, Venus spends just under 4 weeks in a sign.

We should look forward to a more practical and independent way of doing things. As this energy settles in, you may find certain niceties unnecessary. At the heart of this transit is the ability to ‘do for oneself’. Tread lightly as you integrate this wisdom, sensitivity is still high.

Venus in Capricorn is anything but codependent. The challenge may actually be to share and work together, as we each feel we have such a unique and effective way of doing things. When we recognize that each person feels this way, we get to benefit from each perspective and area of expertise.

I would expect us to be challenged within our relationships to work together. If we are relying on others and it limits their ability to be autonomous, this will present difficulties. Once the separation occurs that has each of us taking care of ourselves, then we can truly begin to work together. Two pillars holding up the same roof/goals.

Many relationships are masking their insecurities, true desires, and wishes behind a veil of people pleasing. The underlying fear is that if rejection, abandonment, and embarrassment. This time may ask us to work through these deep seeded issues. If we don’t, the relationships that we love so much may escape us. Thus forcing us to face these fears through karma instead of grace.

Any relationship can be made to work. It’s about deciding, from your heart of hearts, whether or not you actually want it. Deciding whether of not it’s actually good for you and your partner. Two amazing people may love each other dearly but don’t have healthy dynamics, it’s okay, you’ll survive.

Are your partnerships filling a personal void? This a deep question, and one that will certainly come up during this time.

The good news is, you can avoid all the drama and pain of separation if you can accept yourself as your own lover and hero. Even if you are having trouble with your beloved partner, you can begin to shift your focus onto yourself. Whatever it is you think you need from them, see if your can give it to yourself.

Ask yourself if you would want the same pressure on you? If the answer is no, please don’t do it!

Animals, friends, nature, and you know how to offer special forms of love to yourself. An over dependence on a romantic partner, family member, doctor, ideoglogy, supplement, medicine, drug will cause you to lose part of your identity and Venus in Capricorn ain’t got no time for that!

The shadow period for the Rx of Venus in Capricorn begins on November 17th and end February 28th/March 1st. The Rx from December 19th to February 1st. More to come on this.

I am looking forward to a re evaluation of our core desires. It is okay to just ‘get by’. ‘Thriving’ or ‘succeeding’ at the welfare of others isn’t a healthy dynamic. To gain from others losses is to be part of a toxic abusive cycle. In this case, ‘success’ is dependent upon the suffering of others.

There are basic things we all need, beyond that, it’s all fluff and excess. Maybe we want the excess, but this time will show it certainly isn’t about success or drive or acumen. It’s actually about lack. Those who feel the most lack desire to accumulate the most excess. Unconscious patterns will attempt to manifest a ‘solution’ in the physical realms. Only for us to be disappointed by the Maya or worldly illusion.

Stay conservative. Only use what you need. Don’t cut corners but do cut excesses. What is the simplest way to live and be happy? Aim for this, it will guide you well during this time.

This doesn’t happen too often

During the Earth year Neptune spends 158 days in apparent retrograde motion, Uranus 151 days, Saturn 138 days, Jupiter 121 days, and Mars 72 days. Venus, though closer to the sun than Earth spends 41 days in apparent retrograde

The Timeline of the Retrograde

The less often a retrograde, the more comfortable we become with the forward motion. Then, as the planet slows or appears to move backwards, the more uncomfortable we become with this process. Can we galvanize and use this discomfort to change things? I guess that is up to you.

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