12.2.2021 :: Structural Integrity

December 2nd 2021
Flares and Lunar Aspects
We are in for an emotionally rich and highly intuitive day.

Between 1PM and Midnight Eastern Time… The moon makes aspects to Neptune, Venus, Mars, Pluto, then Jupiter. All of this happening as solar winds and a solar flare (CME) reach the Earth’s magnetosphere.

Mercury is slowly separating from the Sun but is still considered ‘combust’ or ‘obliterated’ by our main Solar Star. This is a wonderful time to separate the real from the illusory. There is a freshness to our mentality.

The CME assists is breaking down that which lacks a strong foundation. It’s a literal hit to the magnetic force of manifestation. The cracks are appearing in the general narrative and storylines in our psyche and our society. A certain level of bravery is necessary to look the lies squarely in the eyes.

When we face death, abuse, recover from addiction, when we hit rock bottom… we express this bravery and begin to build again. If you have had experiences with Ayahuasca or Psilocybin on a deep level, you know the type of mindset I am referring to. It feels as if, through looking at the truth clearly, you are somehow ‘dying’ or ‘killing yourself’.

It’s true, you are dying… your ego attachments. It’s true, you are killing yourself… the part of you that seeks to be coddled and remain ignorant.

My words might sound a bit harsh, but that is not the intention. I am speaking with love and excitement. We have opportunities to break through the patterns that hold us back, both personally and socially. The choice to see them and investigate deeper is not a barometer for worth or value… this is a choose your own adventure, so have fun and love the path you live.

As the CME exposes the cracks in our fairy tales, the moon’s aspects give us striking intuitive insights about the nature of these stories. Even more important than destroying a false narrative, is to understand why the narrative was created in the first place. By taking this route, we can show compassion to ourselves and others, and help to rebuild and buttress as opposed to simply destroying.

If your home had a weak foundation, taking a jackhammer to the foundation is not a wise solution. Nor is it a wise approach to attack the weakened foundational beliefs of our own existence. Instead, let’s understand why things happen today. Luckily for us, beliefs are not made of concrete, and they can morph and change with our own choices.

Leave the demo and rebuild for another day. Enjoy the insights, enjoy the fact that you are alive. Today has a special visceral kind of feeling.

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