Upgrades Abound // October 6-7th 2021

A busy busy time!
The next 24 hours is a time of upgrades and changes…
The new moon struck us as we slept in most of the US
4AM Pacific 7AM Eastern

Our emotional bodies have been catapulted into the future which equals anxiety and escapism. However, through presence, we will all catch up with ourselves in the next 24 hours.

The exact point of the moon was in quincunx to Uranus, this speaks to major upgrades that require slight adjustments all around. Today the seas are rough, but you have to get to shore, so no reason to wallow in the tidal waves.

The Mars Cazimi, exact late tonight, is when the body catches up to everything. In addition, Venus changes signs in the AM of the 7th and Pluto goes direct throughout the day. We have a lot to process over the next 24 hours… however, we are all ready for these changes.

This is a day of growth. Make your lists and get to one thing at a time. After and before each task, be grateful for your ability to do them and to have done them. Things can get better, even though they can appear dark and stressful.

“Your emotional body already knows what your mind and physical body soon will. Something just isn’t right and requires adjustment. Changes that often feel shocking simply don’t feel that way right now. If you’ve been resisting something, now is a good time to practice radical acceptance and forgiveness.
The geometry of the stars is always a dance, and right now this choreographed performance is designed to ignite your renewed sense of optimism and passion. The revelations may put you at odds with a world currently undergoing an extended trauma state. Those around you may not see what you see. Those around you may seek to destroy the world around them instead of waiting for it to crumble. These are the actions of a weak root chakra. These are the actions of the scared and unsupported. Please be kind. Remember that there are still people living in their trauma state that began in January of 2020.
See yourself as family of light. While we may be connected by the traumas and sorrows of human life, we are more intimately and deeply connected through the light of the cosmos. Infinite wisdom is possible, life is a journey, and death of this body is a transformation into a new way of existing.We cannot and will not escape here alive. We cannot run from our destiny. Attempts to do so will only expedite and empower the destruction of our egoic galavanting. Sit with yourself, your body knows best.”

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