It’s hard to say no, but…

Its actually not that hard. It just requires some context.

No is a complete sentence. I know how I feel. I know what is right for me.
I have calculated all that I am interested in adding up, and to me, the answer is still no. As I sit and contemplate, I feel into my center, into my knowing. I didn’t run off in escapism, I went deep into my convictions and my doubts.
I know that in your fretful and fearful state you will still attempt to convince me. These attempts have just made me more certain of my position. Your attacks on my sovereignty give me the opportunity to test myself further, so thank you. I know in my heart that I am not failing myself. I know in my soul that my primary responsibility is to take sweet and nurturing care of myself. I am compassionate to the world and to you, but my reality is mine, I draw my own boundaries.

My NO is this caring. If you could take my ability to say NO away from me, then you would take ME away from ME. It’s not about you, and it never was. This is me, love it or hate it, I’m not concerned with your opinion on my boundaries.
I am happy to move on if you are. To see where this NO takes us.
I am but one human, but when I choose for myself, and others do the same, we build a network of trust and respect. We build a grid of self worth that can take us into a new and exciting form of social dynamics.

Force, coercion, drama, and guilt are the fond past times of manipulators and tyrants. Again, I have taken everything into account, and I know where I stand. You may say that I am the problem, but inside we both know that you are scared and insecure in your position. You are seeking validation through your efforts to convince me. This is a key sign of lack, a key sign of doubt. Perhaps you should consider WHY you are so easily motivated to downplay my autonomy.

Confident and loving people don’t attempt to force others to comply to anything.
We can smell your fear and desperation.
We ask you to check in with yourself as to WHY you are motivated to ask others to change for you.
In fact, we ask that of ourselves… WHY do we seek others to change? None of us are without flaw and fault in this wild world. If we do not edit ourselves and continue to question our own motivations, we will run each other into the ground.
It can be quite revealing and empowering to go through this journey.

Before we can step into our true power, we must dismantle the illusion of power that we tell ourselves.
While someone may love me, and I may love them, I am not in charge of them. They are free and sovereign beings, I have no jurisdiction in their free will. While I may feel like I am ‘fighting the good fight’, fighting is antithetical to peace, and I don’t know the perspective of others. Learning to understand the differences is the key to bringing lasting and effective change to the murky and argumentative dynamics. If I can’t understand someone, it’s up to me to learn.

I am alone, and the sooner I own this, the more powerful I become. I am the sole owner and operator of my personal reality. I decide what comes in and what goes out.
Freedom isn’t free, ironically. You have to give up your power plays and controlling tendencies.
For if you do not offer freedom and autonomy to others, you will never be free. You cannot attempt to control your partner and expect them to let you have freedom.
We can imprison ourselves with our attachments and desire games. As we seek to control, own, or influence others, we mortgage our own sovereignty. We are creating cords that bind us and trip us up. But for what? A fleeting sense of control? Karma is that energy rebounding to you. Karma isn’t a bitch. Karma is you finding yourself again.
What you put out returns to you, own this and find peace in the chaos.

So the answer is still NO to certain things. I am open to changing, but that will be on my terms.
I am not misinformed, I am not stupid, I am not selfish, I am sovereign.

It is time to begin moving forward. The challenges we will now face require humanity to work in concert.
Take time to vent in a safe space, but please remember the power of your words. What you say, and the energy behind those words, transcend down from the heavens and structure the world around you. Speaking is an activation of source energy. You are ‘calling’ things into existence. If you want to imprison yourself in sadness, then by all means do so. If you want to envision a future that works better for everyone, then by all means do so.

You have the power within your heart and mind. Your lips can cross you if you let them, be wise in the words you speak and write. Your mind is easily influenced, so please do be careful what you allow to penetrate it’s thin veil.

Buttress your sense of personal strength through affirming what you seek and know yourself to be.
Were it not for your existence, you would know nothing of this world.
There is tremendous power in simply BEing.
DOing and creating are fun as well, but our world has placed heavy emphasis on these modes.
Focus on the BEing. Feel the tantric joy of existing.
The breeze on your skin is a prolific experience.
The quenching of your thirst is a biochemical masterpiece.

The limits that have been instilled in you are false narratives. You are limitless, this is why you can create limits.
Your consciousness is aware of your every thought, thus you are not your thoughts.
Your consciousness is aware of every little quirk in your body, thus you are not your body.
What are you? Where do you come from? Why are you here?
These are the questions that will lead to higher levels of global healing.
Ask them of yourself daily.

I am the observer, notice how powerful it is to observe yourself. Watch and learn, no need to react temperamentally.
I can reclaim a considerable amount of my personal power simply through observing my inner and outer world.
When we allow the outer world to motivate our actions, we are not in the driver’s seat. If another person can get me to act, I am a bit too close to losing touch with my core, my center.

I am something bigger than all of this. Throughout life my focus has narrowed down to a pinpoint. Eat, make money, feel pleasure, consume, survive. While I have no plans of abandoning my survival instinct, I am in the process of expanding that field of vision. If I were to leave the planet today, through accident or sickness, where would I go? I was told stories of Heaven and Hell in the Catholic Church and school as a child. While I enjoyed the fantasy of it, it’s nonsense.

Heaven and Hell are about states of mind and states of being. You can create either as you sit in quiet meditation. So, then, what happens after my physical body expires? I cannot say that I know, but I feel overwhelming evidence to the extended existence of my consciousness through what many call the soul. Furthermore, if I prepare for the winter by gathering warm clothing, shall I also prepare for the extended dirt nap and transition from this physical vessel?

Based on my life experiences, I find it quite myopic to have goals simply for this life.
If we are intentional, goal setting, objective oriented beings, then why stop at the Earthly plane?
If you don’t believe in an afterlife, then I understand that you have no interest in what I discuss. In this case, I hope at least that this is entertaining.

As we grapple with the programming of the past, feeling better about yourself can feel like an uphill climb. If we could see ourselves objectively, we would be amazed at how we limit ourselves from the start. Situations that occurred long before your mental acumen had developed manifest as blockages, pain, confusion, and sickness.

How did your parents view themselves? What about their parents?
All of these influences are in your DNA and your subconscious patterning. Thoughts and deep beliefs hold a vibration, our cells respond to these vibrations and attract situations and patterns into our lives. We are the weavers of the webs, whether we know it or not.

Your genetic coding is not FATALISM. You can become whatever you choose. It takes time, it takes focus and effort. You are not predetermined to be anything at all.
We are programmable. Through repetition and intensity of experience, our coding is changed.
From there forward, we will play out the coded patterns over and over until, through repetition and intensity of experience, we change our coding. This is how we are reborn, we stand up to the old patterning and say no. We then choose a YES for ourselves, an intentional direction.
What feels like truth is subjective. Our sense of truth is based on our perspective. We believe the coding when it speaks to us, forgetting that we are the coders. Remember that all things are relative and our relative existence changes constantly.

Early in your human experience, the coding was determined by what is around you. There is destined to be some mispronunciations in the expression of your soul’s language. When you land after a long flight, it takes time to acclimate. Maybe you shifted time zones or dimensions. Cosmic jet lag is real.

Back to the subject matter, it’s hard to say no… but!
We must stand up to our patterns of self defeat!
It is up to each and every one of us to stop digging these shallow graves.
My words and my thoughts are my power.
My energy is my life force.
I will choose to use them to the best of my ability.
I will challenge my ingrained beliefs.
These beliefs are not my enemy, I am not a victim.
I am a programmable consciousness raised in a system of confusion.
It is my right and my duty to stand up and CHOOSE.
To account for myself in all my expressions.
This is my standard for ME!
This IS my opportunity to live to the fullest.

As you walk a path of self empowerment you may feel alone. Like a paria wandering the dusty dry desert.
The truth is, you are abandoning the parts of yourself that no longer serve you.
Grief is a biochemical response to loss incurred in the transformation.
Loss is real, and even the deepest hidden agendas of your shadow have served you well at some point.
The depth to which you feel this grief is the depth at which you are transforming, be excited for what comes.
Not everyone chooses this path at this time, we are individual souls on a timeless journey, be not discouraged, you’ve got this. Your internal compass becomes clearer and more sensitive with every intentional choice you make.

Find ways to lighten your load through rest and pleasure. Some of the patterns we work through can have us forgetting our basic needs. For whatever reasons we’ve found ourselves here, it was probably intense, traumatic, and bewildering.

Find yourself as an adorable baby animal in the woods. Injured, cold, and hungry you are in need of nurturance. Feed yourself, warm yourself, support yourself. Love that little baby animal. Protect that baby’s innocence to the best of your ability, you are their best bet for growth and survival.

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