Mars Cazimi :: October 7th 2021

New Moon in Mars??

October 6/7th 2021
Exact 10.7 9 PM Pacific

Mars cazimi Sun meaning that Mars finds itself lost in the light of the Sun. Mars is beyond the Sun, on the far side of the great light giver.

The lens of the Sun filters and purifies the energy of Mars, giving us a chance to rethink our basic instincts. A deep time as Mercury looms close by in Rx. The new moon is also only hours away from the exact point of this cazimi. Time to begin anew.

“Hear me now, the clarity will speak to the depth of your cells. You are not here to play by the rules. You are not here to concern yourself with the thoughts and actions of others. You are remarkably easy to manipulate when you compete and compare, so play that game as you will.Instead, heed the wisdom deep in your body. Speak to the things that do not use our crude language. Gather their insights. Bring a refreshed and open mind to the glory of creation. Step step step away from the mainstream, from the collective, from the stories. Go and be alone. Sink into your heart and body, let it refresh your mind.Each moment holds the promise of a new beginning. These moments hold the potential for a new personal reality. The outer world is an illusion whose qualities are decided by your perspective. Take space from the outer and focus on the inner, where your perspective is certain to shift. Hold yourself tightly and enjoy your body, with all it’s quirks and pains.”

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