A Break from Social Media

Two week break from engaging social media and news feeds. No scrolling or commenting, just some light sharing week 2. This also involved asking people to not share the ‘news’ with me and avoiding all websites that propose to share ‘news’. Which includes more sites than you would think. Even checking the weather apps had ‘news’ headlines. I deleted apps from my phone to deal with my boredom trigger finger. You know the one that opens the app and swipes mindlessly. I won’t be putting them back. My shares are more intentional when done at the computer.

What did I learn?

People are super worked up online. The news seems to be the place where the most terrible events take place, and they do so constantly. Human beings show lower levels of respect for each other online. Cats are also cute in person, not just on the internet. The deepest paranoia I found was at a few grocery stores. I had some disagreements with people in person, but they all turned into discussion, growth, and mutual respect. Of my friend group that I interacted with, they were calm and healthy and hung out outdoors pretty much everyday.

While the world certainly faces it’s load of ordeals, the social media and news landscape works to inflame and exacerbate these issues. In some instances, these ‘debates’ are 100% online and outside of social media do not exist at all (except as potential carry over from people who have seen it online).

Over the past few years there has been a strong focus on the word ‘health’. However, in my opinion, very few are
actually focusing on health. Vitamin D and working on comorbidities seems to be the most effective thing that you can do for your physical body. Exercise, healthy diet, limit stress, sleep well, solid friend and family network, and access to creative outlets are all vital to health.

What I actually see is human beings focusing on what they fear and feeding tremendous amounts of energy into that. I am not impugning this approach, seems legit for many. Basically, if you aren’t focused on improving your health naturally, I’m not gonna be that close to you in the long run. Nothing personal, just how it is.

In addition, during this break I realized that I really don’t care that much what other people do. Human beings can do a much better job of setting boundaries for themselves. Privacy is an essential part to developing as a soul on this Earth. Sharing all of this personal information with each other, even weaponizing it… yikes, people… yikes!
I love human beings for their resonance. A music that they give off. No matter what they do, I’m gonna love them. If they step on my path and block me, I have no issue with tearing into them (hopefully it doesn’t come to that). We all need reminders to stay in our lane, right?

The law of non interference is part of my philosophy. I think this philosophy isn’t that popular with a lot of Earth dwellers these days, quite the contrary. Humans believe they have the right to inflict shame, pain and punishment on others for not choosing the path which they self righteously believe to be the ‘only way forward’. To those who seek to tell others how to live and treat their bodies… f$ck you. Like I said, you step in the path, you will be noted. So again, if you demean others for making personal choices that don’t align with you, f$ck you.

That is the most loving way that I can say it, because you make me angry. You make me sad. You remind me how lost humanity has become from their love light bodies. I still love you, and who knows, if it weren’t for the internet maybe you would be too fearful to share your opinions about what others should do. We’d likely hang out and you wouldn’t say a word because there wouldn’t be the protection of the screen and the keyboard. So I applaud you for stepping out and speaking up. You have the right to believe what you believe and your reality will become what you create. I’d like to hug you, but over the internet, where you spew your venom at those who are following their own path, leave me alone and peace out, love.

Social media and the news are highly addictive. Many things are these days. I am addicted to hiking and exercise. There have been points when I have hurt myself pretty bad and continued to push my body. This is out of balance. Try to notice the more subtle impacts of your addiction to the phone and to the fear based news. What are some of the long term effects?

How does it shade your world to be exposed to these things?
How does it affect your sleep or your primary relationships?
What might you be doing if you weren’t engaging it?

All this being said, I believe there are many people doing amazing things using the technology of social media. You probably know who you are because you have read this far and you can feel that warmth welling up in your heart <3. Thank you, sincerely.

As humanity awakens to it’s true power of light and love, every little drop in the bucket makes a difference. Keep on keepin on. I know this time is discouraging, but nothing is over. As we continue to love and respect on another, hold space for peace, even when chaos ensues, keep holding space for peace through vision, action, and thought.
Big hugs to all of you, even the ones who think I am completely crazy and off base <3

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