Mercury Conjunct Mars : 8/18/2021

Mercury conjunct Mars

August 17-19th (exact 18th)

As both planets are in forward motion they travel together in the tropical sign of virgo. The combination leads to an excessive amount of nervous energy. This can be used for mental pursuits, lively conversations, or the activation of latent ideas.

Focus is at a premium so you may take on many different tasks at once. Organization is vital for those who have challenges focusing. With the planets in Virgo, this is ten fold in importance. While you may not feel like it, organizing or cleaning up can be exactly what the holistic doctor ordered. 

Whether mentally or physically, a space that is well arranged will offer peace and clarity. Take a few moments every few hours to clear your mind, body, and space. Open a window, burn some incense, dance around, listen to a meditation, go for a walk.

People think that they are right under this influence, but they probably aren’t. This kind of stellar connection shows us all where we don’t really know what we are talking about. The trouble is, once we start down a road, it can be hard to look back and see what we just said or did. Try not to hold people too accountable. This is a journey, we’ll figure it out in the next week or so.

Quincunx Chiron (August 18th)

The subtle adjustments that are made are performing energetic surgery on our trauma and pain bodies. The quincunx is quintessential discomfort. However, the conjunction of mars and mercury in the healing sign of virgo will offer the needed answers. This is a blessing that may be hidden from plain sight.

Often that which we cannot understand has the most profound impact on us. Trust the process and things can really turn out better than imagined. Miracles do happen everyday, we just don’t really understand how, when, or why. 

Trust divine timing and be open to healing opportunities and connections in the most random of places. You are loved, check in regularly and remind yourself of how magical you are.

Trine Uranus (August 19-21st)

Uranus in Taurus is reaching its retrograde period. The planet is mostly stationary and is increasing in power. The electrical charge of mars conjunct mercury is being brought to a dizzying level by the power of Uranus. The smooth energetic connection of the trine is increasing the current of energy running through our minds (mercury) and bodies (mars). 

Upgrades are inevitable. Resistance is futile. The human mind, however, doesn’t give up so easily. Old patterns and thoughts must often be drug out in public arenas and beaten (ego beatdown) in order to transform.

Those who cling to the old narrative will need to catch up and they will need to do it fast. Otherwise they may be caught organizing their antiques in a tornado. Basically, keep an open mind and leave a wide berth for other people. 

Uranus only destroys that which inhibits growth and freedom.

If you have a goal in mind, this can be an amazing time to take that one key step. What you invest in now can experience tremendous gains. Be careful what you wish for. 

If you are finding trouble with disturbing or negative influences, you are urged to separate yourself from the influence. Investing time and energy into arguments or lost causes can have dire and lasting consequences. 

Certain connections will not withstand this transit and the coming full moon. This is a good thing, we aren’t meant to stay connected forever to anything other than ourselves. Be grateful for the cleansing, however chaotic it may look.

As space clears in your world, open up to your soul to help mend the gaps. You are guided and intelligent. No one needs to teach you how to listen to your body.

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