You are the World

Life doesn’t happen on the internet. Life happens in your heart.

The world is dying to engage you. This is why it also enrages you.

Anger arises to swell up and motivate you out of misalignment. Most of the things you dislike are simply the wrong things for your life.

They aren’t evil or terrible, just wrong. You aren’t obliged to be part of anything, it’s a personal choice.

Personal choices are the core of everything we do. Our motivations and desires can be unconscious, which creates a precarious situation.

Sometimes we do things and we don’t know why. Sometimes we do things just because someone else does it. Sometimes we do things because we are angry at ourselves.

None of these are good reasons to take action. None of these are empowered decisions. None of these create a better world or make a healthier society.

If one link in the chain is weakened, the whole chain will eventually break. Empowerment starts from within.

It is essential to separate yourself from drama, from story, from games and marketing. It is vital to engage yourself on a personal level.

If you seek to make a difference, what is happening ‘in the world’ cannot be your main concern. The primary focus must be your personal constitution.

Society has some cool technology, but honestly, it’s not that advanced. We still rely mostly on the hard work and labor of those at the bottom of the pay scale and respect scale. A true shame but I’m not here to change the socio economic dynamics of the planet.

The point is, the world is actually running on the energy of people. Physical bodies performing tasks and moving things from place to place. Typing things into computers or machines to make other things happen and go.

If we seek to improve the health of any system, we must improve our health. The mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health of humanity.

You are vital to the planet. Your body is the generator for every piece of your unique role. Focus on yourself. You will never know what is right for anyone else. You may just be able to realize what is right for you, if you focus on you. Learn how to receive your bodies wisdom. In the silence of your home or car, take a moment to be the only thing that exists. Start here.

The world can wait. Don’t get involved unless you feel stable and loved by YOU. Keep going, you are doing a wonderful job.

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