Overextended… Come back to You

Have you ever written a letter to yourself?
Who is writing the letter?
Who is reading the letter?
Who is editing the letter?

Well, it’s all you. You have the power to both experience your reality and create it. When you lose touch with this knowledge, it can feel as if you have been victimized.

As the consciousness fails to acknowledge its inherent power, things become closed and dim.  At this point, we know that something is awry but can’t seem to put our finger on it. This can lead us to search for answers, a longing for something, a savior, a panacea. The observer, however, has simply failed at the starting gate. Nothing is wrong and nothing needs saving. The perspective shift is the essential work.

Regardless of the amount of indoctrination we have into the world of disempowered victimhood, once the perspective shifts and makes us aware of our own power, things will never go back.

The individual may have years or decades of unraveling the programming and changing habits associated with the old ways of thinking, but they will never dig themselves deeper into that hole as long as they maintain the perspective of the creator of their reality.

This practice is intended to be quite simple. It is as easy as reminding yourself as often as possible.

“I am the creator, observer, and prime explorer of my reality”

Discipline is needed, of course. We must be able to stay centered within this awareness. The world around us is utter chaos. Beautiful and monstrous things lurk around every corner. No matter what we face, there is no need to go on the offensive. For the observer is neutral to the stimuli. The observer says “interesting, now what does this have to tell me?”. When our first response is to observe, we then have the opportunity to make the clearest and most appropriate decision.

If, for example, our first response was to defend or attack, then we would be giving power to the stimuli or creating an antagonist. In some instances, simply feeling fear is enough to feed someone or something. Unless you live off the grid and with no other humans, you will, on some level, have to deal with people and things triggering you. The observer is there as your first line of support in creating neutral space between you and the stimuli.

“No thing outside of me will effect my inner peace”

“I am a light which never dims”

“I shine because I am”

You are a massively powerful being. The truth is, there is no limit to the power of your creation. The collective, morphogenetic field in which we live is not the best example of your personal power. Manifesting things like a career or a family or a partner is a little bit more complicated than owning your divine right as creator. There are billions of people on this planet, all contributing to the collective field. We call it family, teams, culture, society, government. It is all the same, a collective creative field amongst humans. In these arenas, try not to let the outcome determine your outlook. Like trying to surf with waves entering from all angles, it is so easy to get knocked off the board. Each and every person is bringing a specific and unique signature. Throughout their life, they build desires and wishes. They bring ideas and emotions to the mix. Because of this, it is perhaps best to consider these areas as unpredictable playgrounds. Social arenas are the meeting place of individual youniverses. These individual consciousnesses are doing their best to find a common ground, but the connection is loose at best.

We meet one another at the edge of our ability to exist. Our core essence is that of centered self awareness and ideally, the divinity and perfection within. When we begin to focus on the outer we are losing touch with the center, even if just for a moment. This makes life fun and engaging, humans are clearly social animals. It does, though, lead to some complicated issues.

When we identify with the outer, or far more intensely, if we identify with the inner of the other, we can begin to lose track of personal boundaries. Things happen, we get to know people, we have children, we get invested in movements. At the end of certain days or events, we may feel that it is vital to know what others are doing or even why they are doing it. I am not going to say that this is wrong, because it is not, it is right, just the universe exploring itself.

This path, of attachment and involvement in the lives and decisions of others, is one filled with suffering, cloudiness, and confusion. Only disillusionment is available when you are attached to the outer world being anything specific. This is not to say that you shouldn’t love others. This is not to say that you should forego relationships and live as a hermit. No, I am simply stating that you will lose your center and inevitably come back to sed center.

It is simultaneously an insane and brave act to unify with another human, to take up a movement, to try to ‘change the world’. Many to this day are swept up in hysteria that is not of their own creation. The ups are always as strong as the downs. The energetic and emotional boost of connection will also balance itself when the disconnection comes. 

“I am a sovereign being”

“My reality is constantly unfolding into new dimensions”

“I am here”

As we step through these portals of awakening on planet earth, be sure to ground back into the depth of yourself. Whatever you find in there, however sad or happy, ugly or gorgeous, it is yours. The longer you sit with you, the lighter your load will become, as your awareness crystallizes within your power structure.

“I am created in the light of the divine”

“The universe is within me as I am within the universe”

Your flame is needed. Learn to burn brighter with each passing moment. Kickstart your confidence with simple practices like sleeping well, breathing deep, and drinking water with gratitude. Thank god you are here. Thank god you are here. You will always be here, even when ‘here’ changes shapes and colors. You will always be here.

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