You Fight because you are Bored

Humans have such infinite possibilities. Many of these potentials are hindered by one distraction or another. In today’s world, the majority of people spend their time fighting for resources. It might look like they are chasing career accolades or achievement, but in the end, they just need money to get basic resources. The evil inherent in a system that has us fighting for basic needs is obvious, that’s not what this post is about.

This is about why we argue with each other. Why we pick sides and go into battle.

We are bored! Humans are moving along at a snail’s pace instead of flying through the cosmos like the comets they are. Sitting at a desk or serving burgers that cause heart disease isn’t progress at all. I would argue that most of the world in which we live is actually moving backwards.

We know this, it’s not surprising. However we lie to ourselves daily in order to maintain. The greatest mysteries of our time, which hold the deepest potential meaning, are mostly ignored or feared. Exploring death itself can bring us an entire lifetime of wonder and gratitude for the moments we live. Instead we look at the doldrum of the chase for money, the chase for sex, the envy we hold, the lives of boring celebrities. This society is obviously sick, and for good reasons. Its a large slave class with minimal rights who are fighting with each other over resources and respect. Those who have managed to take rulership of this planet simply pull strings to manipulate the underlings.

Whether by choice or by programming, many humans carry a dead stare and a toxic physical vessel. They are bored out of their souls.

As humans we seek excitement, adventure, adrenaline. Our bodies have the ability to create the drugs that we crave! Have you ever climbed to the edge of a cliff and just looked off the side? Your body will start making stronger drugs than perhaps you’ve ever ingested. Have you ever met a new person and feel that rush of energy through your entire body. That ecstasy is endogenous, you didn’t have to smoke, swallow, snort, or inject anything… you are high.

We know this! No matter how braindead and lackluster you might feel, you always know deep within that you are capable of magic. Instead of casting personal spells and guiding one’s state of being, we often use lower magic of manipulation to coax energy out of others.

Saying ‘Hey, fuck you!’ is a magic spell. Often a very effective one. When you attack or demean someone, you can cause them to leak energy as they begin to doubt themselves. Or they step forward to attack back and feed you energy. From there, the cords of connection are open, anything can be transmitted back and forth.

Social media is such a great example of this magic. You can leave a comment, then turn away from your phone. You come back later and you have been given a bunch of energy by those who ‘disagree’ or are ‘angered’ or ‘supportive’. Basically, you plant a seed, and it bears fruit.

A person only does this because they are bored! Unsatisfied, looking for a fix. What the mind believes about motivations is irrelevant. The mind will defend itself with highly developed and quite ingenious rationale. That doesn’t mean it’s right.

You need a hobby. You need an interest. If you are fighting with people regularly, you need a therapist.

Other people, meaning anyone who isn’t you, owes you nothing. What they decide to do with their life, as long as it doesn’t hurt you, is none of your business. You make it your business because you are bored and dissatisfied with your own life.

You gotta find your purpose, your own meaning. I know that in this day and age it can seem like everyone other than you is ‘winning’ or ‘accomplishing’ something great. First of all, they are not, they are just good at making it seem that way. Secondly, your ability to be successful, loved, happy, joyous, blissful is in no way comparable to or dependent upon other people. I’ll say that again…

your ability to be successful, loved, happy, joyous, or blissful is in no way comparable to or dependent upon other people.

You get to define your parameters. This doesn’t mean choosing a major in college. This means choosing a path for your consciousness. The decisions you make about how you think and what you let in, that’s the key to all the things you desire. If you lose touch with this, you are likely going to argue with others and resent the world. Believing that somehow your autonomy has been stolen from you. Didn’t get the job? Good, fuck that job. The relationship didn’t work out? Condolences but good, fuck that old hat. You are gonna be just fine. More substance for the heart to process and turn into gold. Gold that is for you, not anyone else.

Arguments, battles, and wars always end in reconciliation. Perhaps decades down the road, but we will get there. Do your best to personally reconcile your own issues without the influence of others. Take time to feel what you feel. Take a moment to consider the impact of what you say to others.

Own that you are full of blood or spill it out all over the ground. Either way, you’ll figure out you have blood inside of you. Which path do you want to take? Can you just entertain yourself enough with the infinite joys of life to avoid catastrophe in your relationships?

Can humanity open up to the bigger picture? That the illusion of money and constant destruction of natural resources is our own doing. There is plenty to go around. If you assign value to money, then allow some people to have a lot of it with minimal effort, while others slave and earn very little, you are dictating their value in society.

This, my friends, is the heart of all this bullshit, and you know it.

Channel Live

“You refuse to look, you refuse to see, and thus, right in front of your eyes, it manifests. Rising from the shadows of your psyche, meeting with the shadowy figures from others, a whole world is concocted. You think that this is about differences? You think that this is about abuse between people? Not at all my friends, no conflict exists without an inner conflict to call it into physical reality.”

“What are you really fighting over? What do you actually want from your life? Has the pressure of being alive caused you to give up on yourself? On your dreams?”

“Is there a time that you can remember when you felt so alive that a phone wouldn’t even be that important to you? Can you create that space again in your life? Can you walk away from the drama while you still want to engage? The discipline will serve you, oh lord, will it serve you. You can be free of the influence of drama and trauma on a global scale. Of course there will still be challenges in your own life, but you will be free to love these challenges, to own them, to revel in them because they are yours.”

“We always feel better after working through something. If we never get to the ‘something’ to work through, we deprive ourselves of this potential advancement and gift. The outer world is a distraction. Social issues aren’t as important as the inner issues. No one else can read your internal transcript even if you read it to them word for word. Stop believing that they can, it’s leading you astray, out into a world of deception and expectation.”

“Give your time to yourself and invest in that which excites and frightens you! Like your first time on a roller coaster, every challenge will take your breath away and raise your heartrate… good! Enjoy life while you can. Death comes, there is no denying that.”

How do you bring excitement into your life?

What is something that you can do today to break the illusion of boredom?

Being busy doesn’t mean you aren’t bored… take some time to sit in quiet reflection.

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