Sun trine Neptune :: Feel the Flow

November 17th 2023 … The Sun and Mars are dancing, and making aspect to Neptune.

Twice a year the Sun trines Neptune. During this time, we experience a heightened sense of the energy around us. Spiritual is a word that fits the bill. Every action can feel inspired and deeply meaningful.

With this transit comes a deepening and expanding sense of life. Boundaries and restrictions can, for a time, feel insignificant or unnecessary. The tremendous amount of spirited and dreamy energy is just lovely.

Sleeping, meditating, watching a movie, cuddling, connecting with the elements. Those experiences that alter our state in a mysterious way are all enhanced.

We may find the energy to release a long standing grudge or frustration. We may dream of something we’ve always desired. We may find light and love in places where, prior to now, that wasn’t possible.

This energy, while beautiful, is fleeting. So enjoy it while it lasts, love yourself first and enjoy your connection to spirit, to god, to nature, to your loved ones.

We all build our reality on something, during this time we can renovate our foundational beliefs to incorporate a more loving, compassionate, and open minded approach.

This isn’t all rosy and easy going. Wherever we are attempting to control things, we may experience frustration, delays, and confusion. Neptune dissolves the structure and goals of the mind.

This is a great time to take a break from substances that alter our state of consciousness. Both the destructive and mind altering qualities of drugs and alcohol will be magnified.

Besides, when the sun trines Neptune, who needs anything to alter them? Basically, if you do imbibe, take it slow and notice how a little bit goes a long way.

Areas to watch…

Emotional projection can easily get out of hand, so bring it home, own your feelings.

Energy levels can vacillate from highs to lows. Take moments through these days to check in and breathe deeply.

Focus… if it is lacking, don’t push, let yourself do something enjoyable for a few minutes, then come back, you’ll be more efficient this way.

Anger… mars is given a reprieve from discipline choices and actions. Use this to express energy in a creative way as opposed to destructive. Sing, dance, paint, create.

Sadness… if a wave hits you, roll with it, it will shift if you let it flow through you. Otherwise, it may terrorize you.

Overall this is a wonderful time to be alive and may offer you the brightest hopes. Whether or not anything comes of them will be dependent on the actions we take.

Have a blessed day ♥️🫶🏻♥️

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