You Cannot Bypass Lessons

The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are all intimately connected. A change in one sparks a change in all. Often the time frame is different for feeling the impact of each. Yoga opens the body, meditation clears the mind, crying expresses the emotions, and discipline and compassion welcomes new spiritual insights.

The idea that spiritual bypass is ever effective or problematic is erroneous. To spiritually bypass is to fill your vessel with heavy stones that you must carry. Soon enough, the stones will become too heavy and you will be forced to process them on all other levels. Perhaps the spiritual lesson of the habit of spiritual bypass is simply to approach the world on a more physical and emotional level.

We cannot face the totality of ourselves in all moments, there is a need for self delusion and procrastination of awareness. The most effective strategies I have witnessed in my life involve little other than patience, an ability to relax, and discipline around projection.

To say it plainly, if you cannot discipline yourself, the world outside of you will be forced to do so. If you blame others for your place in the world, then they now have the control over you until you wake up to your soul’s journey. If you don’t know how to take a day off, your body will show symptoms which require you to do so.

Be hard on yourself if you choose, but let it end there. No reason to be hard on yourself for… being hard on yourself. You have the power to change everything about your personal reality, but it MUST begin with you. Nothing outside of you will take the steps.

Xx Find strength within xX

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  1. Thank you – needed to hear this again. Eclipse energy finally helped me see what I had not wanted to see and come to a decision I did not want to come to. But, once made I have felt lighter and freer and definitely more at peace with my life. Blessings!

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