Inner Peace is a Healing Protocol

Inner peace is underutilized as a tool for healing.

The beautiful part of it, is there are always parts of your experience that you can simply observe.

Every part of the journey that switches from dramatic investment to loving awareness adds cosmic currency to your soul bank account.

Over weeks, months, and years, this is the difference between being vibrant and being haggard.

Drama and unnecessary energetic investment breed more of the same. You may find yourself going to lengths to cope with symptoms that initially arose from an over excited nervous system. It is not the body that is the issue, it is the energetic, mental, and emotional entanglement. The body is simply letting you know that, somewhere along the line, you walked into a web.

Start in the moment, don’t let stories and dramatics take root. Prioritize peace in your life. There will definitely be sacrifices, but trust me, it’s worth it. All discipline works this way. Invest now, pay off later.

You may feeling like you are missing out. You may feel as if you need to fight… but, those fights that the ego seeks aren’t fruitful. In fact, they may be exactly what the opposing force is seeking. Don’t feed the cycle. Choose to be at peace and save your energy for when your investment can truly foster a healthier world.

Before long, you will feel the bliss as you consciously choose to opt out of needless investment and opt in to fostering personal peace.

I am not required to discuss my beliefs.
I am not required to please others.
What others think of me is none of my business.
I am complete within myself.
I honor the sovereignty in all beings.
No being knows what is best for me.
Every being has the right to decide what is best for them.
I radiate peace from within.
It is 100% okay to withdraw from socializing and focus within.
I am committed to a peaceful inner sanctuary.

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