Full Moon in Gemini // 11.25.15 5:44 EST

Full Moon in Gemini 3 degrees 20 minutes

Just a basic hit on a full moon in astrology. When the full moon occurs, it is the exact moment when the sun and the moon are separated by 180 degrees in the current planetary chart. This is also referred to as an opposition. The moon travels about a half degree every hour (close to 28 days to get around the chart) and the sun travels almost exactly 1 degree per day (365 days to get all the way around the chart).
A few things, a full moon will always be in the opposing sign to the current sun sign, this time, it is the Mutable Fire Sign Sagitarrius for the Sun, and Mutable Air Sign Gemini for the Moon.

Now the moon and the sun have a very special connection, as do the Earth and the Moon (derp). The moon is only ever lit by the sun, and the full moon is when the portion of the moon lit by the sun is full facing us, it is literally reflecting the sun’s energy back at us. Think of it this way, the sun is in it’s sign, this time Sag, and it is shining on us for about half of the day, the other portion of the day, it is also reflecting back at us from the light of the moon. It is almost as if the moon is giving us it’s version of the sun’s current energy.

Now when we have a mirror, we are not getting exactly what is being reflected, but it is running through a filter, in this instance, the filter of the moon. The moon represents the deeper core self, the moon has a dark side, and it is never truly exposed to the outside world. The moon represents that safe space you find in yourself, that place where you keep your plans and wishes and desires that aren’t exactly safe to share with the world. For good reason, there is a difference between secrecy and privacy, and we ALL need privacy and personal space, god bless the moon.

So for this full moon occurring at 5:44 PM EST 2:44 PM Pacific, the reflective energy is coming from the portion of the sky/zodiac known as Gemini. What is Gemini? I think the best answer would be that it is intelligent, it is a quick learner, it is a mental energy. Represented by the symbol of the twins, it is a changeable/mutable energy, so perhaps expect more grand and exciting ideas and energy then to manifest anything specifically. Gemini energy is amazing at learning the surface level energy of any topic, while it often falls short of diving deeper into the core of issues or basic tenets of a philosophy. This could be of detriment, when it comes to emotions, as they are, by their nature, deep and core based experiences. A moon in gemini may lack the ability to easily go deep to the core of their feelings. A moon in gemini individual may rationalize their feelings or come to a realization and then move on to another thought issue or idea without integrating or truly making an effective change. So I would say, during this time, you may be flying high. This is a great time to burn off excess, not necessarily to uproot and shift things, but to get some amazing momentum towards your goals, not exactly by focusing on them, but by allowing yourself to flow and fly freely, be in the delicious experience of excitement and possibility, write down your best ideas, there will be no lack of them, there will also be completely and utterly useless ideas. This is a wonderful time for writing comedic material, if you can’t make jokes during moon in Gemini (especially wordplay) then I am sorry my friend you need to work on your game.

Saturn, the planet of restriction and boundaries, will be very close to the sun @ 6 degree Sag, so not so long after this full moon (less then 6 hours) there will be an opposition of the moon with the planet Saturn. Saturn should bring some structure to the recently exploded but now waning energy of the moon. So I say to you, let yourself fly high and free, because Saturn will come in a bring a sobering effect to the free bird changey shiftey energy of Gemini. Did I mention that Gemini is simply brilliant?? In my experience, the most intelligent (but perhaps least focused) individuals I have ever met are Gemini dominant energy. As Saturn aspects this beautiful moon, expect to feel and perhaps not appreciate some boundaries. I would say to explore these boundaries, please, dear ones, do not allow yourself to fight these feelings. Just accept the illusion of restriction and see what you can expose about the truths and philosophy of boundaries, you will find some true gold as you allow the Gemini energy to explore with airy detachment the energy of Saturn’s influence.

If you are able to resist the desire to believe the illusion created and access that high flying genius level Gemini energy, you should have massively opened and expanded your thought process and chest of ideas for the following days food bonanza gatherings. If you are going to be with family, don’t expect people to be getting along, this is a time where everyone has just been fighting their own feelings of emotional restriction and formulating hair brain schemes of how the world/life should/could work. On Thanksgiving, it may be best to keep the conversation light, and luckily, Gemini is amazing at talking, sometimes at length, about absolutely nothing.

On a global level, let’s face it, there is a lot going on.
No more than usual, but it is definitely becoming clear that many things are simply not right, and equal right for all men/women races, and in my opinion, species will require a lot of work and collective movement. If you are attending any sort of full moon ceremony, here are some intention ideas that seem to fit the times.

– I ask for all that which is unnecessary to be removed and recycled into workable solutions in my daily life.
– I ask that my higher mind link with my heart for the highest good of my soul.
– May the words I speak be in alignment with my truth, now and forever.

– May I communicate honestly and openly with my partner, with a detached and open mind.
– I ask that may actions align with my words, and I accept all facets of my partner.

– May the truth behind all false communications come to the surface to serve the highest good of humanity.
– I release the stories of separation, and accept my responsibility as a member of the planetary team of earth based citizens.
– May we use the collective consciousness to serve the evolution of man.

Have a blessed holiday, whatever it represents for you, be sure to nourish yourself and represent your truth.kylie_gemini_goddess_by_kenjiarts-d674t2x-638x600

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