Neptune Square Saturn // Boundaries VS Limitless


Neptune Square Saturn 11.26.15-9.10.16
– The first exact square will occur on November 26th, 2015, at 7 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces.
– The second exact square will happen on June 17th, 2016, at 12 degrees, with both planets in Retrograde.
– The third, and final square will be on September 10th, 2016, at 10 degrees, with Saturn direct, and Rx Neptune.
Neptune is the planet of illusion, Neptune does not have patience, well it embodies patience, but it is not one for putting in the physical work necessary to manifest things into the world.  Neptune is that dreamy state of escape you go to when you are watching a fantasy movie, when you smoke your possibly recently legalized marijuana, when you have a few drinks and then start telling stories about the glory days.  The key factor here, is that Neptune, while grand and lovely, is not reality.  This is not to say that one day it will not be, but the general rule of thumb with Neptune is that, one must work diligently over time to manifest the grand ideas.  It will require a lot of work, but Neptune doesn’t like rules and structure, and you tell me what you would ever build without the help of some structure.  I recently listened to show from CA Brooks called “Simple Tales”  which is a weekly discussion on astrology hosted by the 12Radio network (it’s fabulous and I love her).  She gave an example of baking a cake.  If you were to make the batter and then had no structure to put the batter in, could you ever have a cake?  What would happen if you just poured the batter into the oven?  It would burn away and create nothing edible, it may even just cloud your ability to do anything else.  Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, a mutable expansive go-with-the-flow energy.  It is always wonderful to have piscean energy around, but I wouldn’t ask a pisces to do my taxes, or organize my closet (no offense, i’d rather have my pisces creating beautiful works of art for my walls or cheering everyone up at a party).  For this kind of work, the structuring, as it were, I would look for an Earth sign, specifically Capricorn.
What is the ruler of Capricorn you might ask?  Well it is Saturn… da da daaaa.
Saturn is all about boundaries, Saturn rule the skin and bones, it helps form the ego, which is a false creation, but immensely useful nonetheless.  The ego says “I end here” and that which is not US is OTHER.  Neptune would say, “We are all part of the same body”.  Both of these points have merit, however, one without the other would not create a functional society.  A purely Neptunian community would be very loving and understanding, but it would have no rules, and would eventually fall into chaos while everyone dreamily attends contact improv classes and eats cold leftovers out of the communal fridge.  A purely Saturnal community would have very simple yet functional architecture, it would delineate between all things, highlighting minor differences and creating grounds for discussion, but without the temperance, these discussion would go nowhere and lead to battles and war.  Until everyone was eating their rations of nutrient dense bread that can be made efficiently and with very little mess.  Alone and detached, each person would build their own prison of isolation.
So here we stand, as Neptune makes it painstakingly slow crawl out of it’s yearly retrograde period, it creates a nice square with Saturn.  Squares are considered challenging aspects, in this case, allow me to anthropomorphize a bit here:
Saturn: stop elbowing me, stay on your side
Neptune: there are no sides, and I wasn’t aware that I was elbowing you
Saturn: never cross the boundary again, are you high?
Neptune: i’m always high, I’m Neptune, and since we are talking, whats with all the rules man?
Saturn: you are a mess, how do you get anything done?
Neptune: my mess is a work of art, we are all making this work of art together
Saturn: you should focus, there is not time to doddle in the dream world
Thank you for indulging me
Neptune, being the planet further out in the solar system, will rule and dominate this transaction, eventually forcing Saturn to release some of it’s hold over boundaries and stubborn thought.  This, however, is not done easily, as Saturn and Neptune are seemingly opposed on the issue of boundaries.
When planets interact on the basis of a retrograde motion, such as this, there are three hits, one on the way forward, one on the way back, then one on the way forward again.  Exact dates mentioned above.
In my experience, the first of these connections is usually the “Wake up!” period, where humanity is like “wha.. wait what’s going on?”  Examples of this in this interaction might be typified by false stories about separation on the news… this group this, this group that, all in the end being false(Neptune) and based on fear(Saturn).  The stubbornness sets in, not wanting to change(Saturn) and we focus on how we can help(Neptune) but doing so by changing our Facebook photos(Neptune) but refusing to help refugees AKA open our borders(Saturn).
The second hit is one where the metaphorical shit hits the fan.  This is where we all have to get into the nitty gritty of the truth being revealed.  In this instance, I imagine scenarios such as this… The truth coming out about lies and fantasies(Neptune) and those who are stubborn refusing it(Saturn) and trying to stick to the old ways of doing things because changing is uncomfortable(Saturn).  This is as far as I can go with this one, we are all open to see what happens.
By the third transit of this square, the truth will definitely be exposed, of how we are lied to by those who want to keep the status quo(Saturn) and how so many of us sleepily obey to keep the peace(Neptune).
Who will win this battle?  Well, like I said before, Neptune always wins as it is the more distant planet, so there may be some level of fantasy to the plans that come out of this time, but if Saturn energies are willing to budge and give a little, we might just ground ways of running this world as a global community.
During this time, beware of extreme levels of stubbornness and over identifying with your clan, crew, or cause.  Also, ensure that you are taking care of your home and your body, and try to temper your use of substances and medicines, as the urge to escape may be very very attractive.  If you and I and the world can channel the energy to escape into TV and alcohol, sports, and whatever your vice may be, we can really make considerable changes to the way the world is functioning.  Which, from my personal perspective, is kind of wretched.
I am grateful for the life I live, but I would be a fool to say that everything is okay, that if I can just be happy then my work is done…  We are here to expand our horizons, and I can’t imagine a bigger opportunity to expand that which is contracted then Neptune square Saturn.

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