Gratitude // A Walk Through the Zodiac


As an astrologer, I abhor the process of referring to any individual by their ‘Sign’.  When this is said, most everyone is referring the Zodiac sign that rules your Sun.  For instance, anyone born on Thanksgiving may be called “a Sagittarius”.

While the Sun plays a vital and important role in our chart and personality, this does not in any way mean that this is the dominant energy in our natal chart.  I have met plenty of individuals born under a certain sun sign, but whose chart tells the story of a different sign or signs ruling their development.
All this being said, here is what I am grateful for, from every sun sign, and I hope you have a glorious day…
Aries:  The ability to keep moving, no matter the circumstance, never would emotions keep you from doing what you want to do.
“I am grateful for my Aries friends, they lift me up when I am in the muck, and assist me in burning off my self-pity”
Taurus:  The ability to take care of oneself, in the physical world.  Unequivocally, these individuals obtain what they need with seeming ease, and will not stop until they get what they want.
“I am grateful for my Taurean friends, they remind me that I do have physical needs, and they inspire me to both take and receive when I need to.”
Gemini:  The ability to see both sides of an issue, to keep learning, and to temper judgement.  Gemini are brilliant, they keep that midnight oil burning on the mental level, creating solutions and new possibilities without imposing their will.
“I am grateful for my Gemini friends, who keep me light on my feet when I feel heavy, who remind me of the trivial nature of my worries and fears.”
Cancer:  The caring, oh the caring.  Cancers will nurture you, they will mother you, they will always be willing to take time out of their day to give you a helping hand/ear/plate of food.
“I am grateful for my Cancer friends, who show me that I too must receive in order to be a fully functional being.”
Leo:  So playful, and always a flare for the dramatic.  Leo holds space with childlike innocence, the drama around which a community can be built.
“I am grateful for my Leo friends, always shining like the sun, even in their sorrows, willing to take the lead and carry the torch whenever it is called for.”
Virgo:  Sweet innocence matched with a discerning and often critical eye.  This combination makes for a possibly hard to handle but always truthful expression.
“I am grateful for my Virgo friends, keeping me on my toes, helping me improve my self care, reminding me that details DO matter.”
Libra:  Peacemakers!! Taking in all of the info from the environment, ensuring that every last t is crossed and I is dotted, then and only then, will a beautiful expression of love be released to the world.
“I am grateful for my Libra friends, holding space for both sides of the equation, tempering my temper, and selflessly sharing their hearts for the greater good.”
Scorpio:  Hands down, my friends, you are the funniest and most real people I could ever imagine being around.  Always down to make a joke or discuss the darker and more serious aspects of human existence and beyond, you are a treat.
“I am grateful for my Scorpio friends, here for me in good times and in bad, your honesty and depth bring me solace in a world often the exact opposite.”
Sagittarius:  Passion and zeal for living, Sag is invested in that which he/she is invested in, and very much not invested in everything else.  Your dedication to that which interests you is, above all things, inspiring.
“I am grateful for my Sagittarius friends, who show me that life is about what you love, to follow my passions and give little thought to that which cannot be changed.”
Capricorn:  Action equals satisfaction.  Capricorns live for functionality and explore what they can create.  You will not find Capricorns pontificating on the possibilities of something for long, they will want to get their hands involved and create.
“I am grateful for my Capricorn friends, reminding me that action towards a functional goal is a million times more satisfying that philosophizing about possibilities.”
Aquarius:  Magic, pure magic.  What are you doing as we hang out Aquarians?  Where are you going?  Please, don’t ever stop doing it, you fill me with wonder at how my seeming ‘flaws’  somehow disappear around you, and I feel more light and whole simultaneously.
“I am grateful for my Aquarian friends, who always know how to keep things light, without losing touch with the bigger picture, you change the world with your presence.”
Pisces:  If there were a cosmic vacuum cleaner, it would be Pisces.  Always in touch with the collective consciousness putting them just that much closer to the source of all creation.  No one is forgotten, and being around them just feels good.
“I am grateful for my Piscean friends, you help me clear the air, washing me clean, your beauty is massive, and you give me permission to be myself.”
Blessings to all of you on this day and everyday.

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