Venus in Scorpio 12.5 – 12.30 // How Deep is Your Love?


Scorpio is the sign of the depths.  Scorpio can be described as a body of water so still and so deep, that no light penetrates.  Think of the bottom of the ocean, think of the bottom of the Mariana Trench.  What is around you in those darkest of depths?  It is really up to ones other senses.  When the eyes fail you, you become attuned to your other senses, perhaps even your sixth sense (Scorpio’s are known for their psychic abilities, as well as a bullshit meter so sensitive that it is best to give it to them straight).
Venus has tact, it has beauty, it facilitates harmony, however, Venus’ love can be conditional.  “I’ll love you as long as…”  Scorpio, on the other hand, ruled by Pluto, knows nothing of conditionality, and would scoff at such a thing.  Scorpio penetrates to the core of issues, quickly and with little time for pleasantries.  Scorpio ruled relationships are often intense, sexual in nature, and quick to catch ablaze and burn out (hey I am not saying that all scorpio are like this, i must speak in hyperbole to get my point across <3).
During this month, you can expect any feelings of jealousy to come to the surface, or as it were, expect to dive deep into their murky waters.  As relationships of all sort head in this direction, beware of possessiveness.  With Venus in Scorpio, we have a tendency to want to behold our partners, while at the same time being hypersensitive and requiring space (scorpio, and all psychic house ruled charts, require alone time to process that which they see in their day to day life).  You may experience moments of insight about your lover, these could be amazing, or they could be disturbing, Scorpio’s depth of awareness spreads out the possibilities.
The deepest aspects of the unconscious come to light when penetrated by Pluto’s gaze.  With this Venusian energy stepping into this arena, expect some high flying ideas to come down to the ground and get real.
Things to consider with Venus in Scorpio:
This is a great time to explore your sexuality, personally, and with your partner. While you may find a pretty intense fling, it is really a good time to explore with you and your partner alone.  Get kinky, see where it takes you, this is a chance to get to know your partner.
Channel that sexual energy.  Artists (which we all are) expect to have a deep reservoir or well for creativity during this month.  Be alone with some me music and just create, don’t be afraid to confront themes like death and destruction, sex, blood, the occult, shamanism, or whatever is taboo to you.  It will be just that much easier to see the beauty in these sometimes off-putting places.
Temper your judgement.  Scorpio sees all, anyone scorpio dominant will tell you that your dark stories and fears don’t scare them, trust me, they’ve seen it.  During this month, we will be seeing ourselves and others in this way.  Remember nothing has changed besides our perception and our vulnerability, this is not the time to be critical, that’s what Virgo season is for <3.  Take this as an opportunity to be an observer, and to practice your detachment from the actions and tendencies of others.  If you are a controlling type, hey we are all out there, be extra careful and maybe spend some time alone tinkering with artistic project or endeavors to get your control fix.
Meditate on your desires.  Notice I did not say take action, unless you feel divinely guided or compelled beyond you level of comfortability. (always trust your gut).  Be ready to see what makes your desire body tick, and be careful of overindulging, the combination of celebratory Sagittarius Sun and deep held desire Scorpio could lead to a sobering practical Capricorn season.  Expect to remap your desires after seeing what is at their core, perfect timing for new year’s resolutions huh?
Are you looking for love? Look no further then the mirror. This post is written and geared towards those in relationships, and to this end I would say, sorry for leaving out the single men and ladies in the house.  To me, Venus in Scorpio represents, at the core, the relationship to the possibly forgotten self, so use this opportunity to take care of YOU.  It is a beautiful time to create and make love to yourself, self sexual healing YES, baths with candles YES.  Watch a movie and turn off your phone, or have some nice sextual(yes I intended to say sextual) contact with a potential or past lover.  Moving through this time single could be just the rejuvenation your soul desires.  People will be looking to have fun and be lighter come the 31st when Venus moves into Sag. (Happy New Year!!  More on this later <3 )
Best to everyone, enjoy the holiday season, whatever that means for you.

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