My Relationship with Weed // A Psychic Medium’s Take on Marijuana

Wow, could anything be more salient in the fresh consciousness of humanity then plant medicine?  It seems that everywhere I look, someone is telling me about a new strain or marijuana, a medicine ceremony at a local yoga studio, or a retreat to Peru to connect to the land and commune with Grandmother Aya.

In this post, I will not be speaking about these medicines, I will be talking about marijuana, so let me create a disclaimer <><><> I in no way recommend or am against the use of marijuana products, I am simply stating my experience in my style, with strong wording and personal opinion.<><><>There are many substances that are much more corrosive then THC and if it comes down to it, please, smoke away instead of taking a pill that will destroy your liver and support the pharmaceutical industry.  This is written to possibly inspire and cause you to think about Pot in a way you may have not before. I am excited about the healing possibilities of marijuana in all fields of medicine and psychology.<><><><><><><><><><><>

Personally, I have always had an affinity for plant medicine, starting at 15 years old I began experimenting and having a love/hate relationship with weed.  Weed, however, always seemed to me, to be a medication, and not a true healer.  Pot gave me no choice but to feel my feelings fully, so in that way it was a great teacher, in the same way that death, loss, trauma, pain, and sickness are a great teacher.  Overall, I do believe that pot is not medicine but is a medication, used to numb the self and escape pain.  It may have effects which can stimulate creativity, but, so does exercise, sex, nature, movies, music, and discussion with interesting people.
Marijuana disconnects the body from the soul, and the challenging part about marijuana is that it convinces the user that it is harmless.  First of all, to all my hardcore smokers out there, smoking is an awful thing to do to your body.  Pot is very sticky and resinous, it contains a tremendous amount of carcinogens and when smoked, these are obviously deposited in the lungs.  Hey, we all do things that aren’t good for us, but let’s get real.  Often times I find that those who pontificate on weed and it’s possible dangers, are heavy smokers themselves.  They are under the guise of a substance that makes them feel passive and easy going.  I would guess that 100% of the readers of this article have smoked pot, legally or illegally, who cares, legality means nothing these days, our laws are archaic and only enforced when the proper circumstances are in place ((racism, classism, sexism)).
When you are high, you are much less likely to create conflict.  From one perspective, “hey, that’s a great thing, more peace” and I hear you on that.  However, ladies and gentlemen, we are in a time and place in human history when we need to have our wits about us.  We have a media and a government that seem hellbent on convincing us that we are separate, and that we need to buy things or make things to have meaning.  Indulge me for a second… if you are less likely to stand up and speak your peace in a public forum, or less likely to speak up and make waves in a relationship, then you are less likely to make waves within your own consciousness.  Any individual on the quote//unquote “spiritual path” knows that the key to self-awareness is just that, self awareness.  You must be discerning and this sometimes means making tough decisions, not just being disciplined in action, but in thought and emotion.  It is undeniable that THC creates a certain level of fear and paranoia within the user.  Over years of going in and out of being an avid pot smoker//eater//purveyor I have learned that this paranoia happens ((as all things do)) for a reason.
The reason you are paranoid when you are high is very simple, it is because there are plenty of things to be paranoid about.  Paranioa is caused by a deep knowing that something is off, that there is just something, somewhere that needs your attention.  Well, in the case of being stoned, it works like this.  When you are high, you become disconnected from your soul and your spiritual evolution then slows down ((this is a very relaxing feeling, almost numbing)), your energy field is a torus ((Torus Video)) that constantly regenerates based on the energy flowing in and out.  The energy that comes from above, inspired by the soul, is very high vibration and strong ((it is like the air pumping into an inflatable bouncy house)).  Now imagine that pump is only set to 1/4 of its strength, what would happen to the bouncy house?  It would begin to deflate, there is still a steady flow of air, but the house cannot fully stand, it collapses.  The same effect happens to your energy field when you are high ((or drunk for that matter)).
That is just the energetic example, you are also disconnecting your phone line to God//source//your higher self//spirit guides.  Your map for these beings and their resonance still exists, so when you try to call them when high, someone answers, however it is a lower resonance being that takes the place of your guides and angels.  The energy of pot is too dense and harsh for these beings, they keep their distance and respect your choice to alter your state of consciousness.  It is like a crossed line when making a telephone call.  It is a huge mistake to try to meditate when you are stoned.  What you are connecting to is not of light, the entities you contact are actually waiting around you in the lower astral plane((Lower Astral Plane)) to feed off of your light. ((entities such as these have lost their ability to garner their own light, so therefore they need a host, and take advantage of you when you are most vulnerable, just as any intelligent thief would do)).  This is why you are paranoid, your body doesn’t make mistakes, it is because there are energies that are not yours infiltrating your thoughts and energy field.
In my opinion and from my experience, if you choose to get high, just stick to pleasures like food, tv, hiking, exercise, and reading.  Don’t try to do metaphysical work, and for the lord’s sake never do energy work/reiki/tarot readings/counseling/coaching while high.  You are exposing your client or patient to a wide range of lower astral energies, which could be the whole reason they are seeing you in the first place.
I learned this lesson most strongly from a beautiful relationship I was in.  I was in love, so deeply, so fondly, and the power of this connection was unlike any thing I had ever seen before.  Prior to meeting this person, I had been an on and off smoker for about 12 years.  I spent years without any intoxication, and then months where I was an every day smoker.  When we met, I showed her my recipe for THC oil, which I used to help with digestive issues stemming frOm intense sickness as a child.  Also, I used it to get high, but for the previous year, I had a nice practice of only using therapeutic amounts to keep my intestines from flaring up and leaving me debilitated for a couple of weeks every few months.  This relationship was a new testing ground for me, it was a gift to manifest my highest desires with another person, something I thought I had lost in a previous long term relationship.  The gift of this kind of connection, however, came with a renewed and increased responsibility.
Long story short, she and I came to be separated and back together many times.  Each time more heart wrenching then the next, each one a greater teacher then the time before.  In the end, we decided to fully end things and cut off contact, I was left with many lessons, the deepest of my life and hopefully the most traumatic relationship scenario I will ever have to encounter.  One thing stood firm, marijuana was not my friend, and it was an illusion.  I watched as the two of us did our best to cope and move on, one falling while the other lept forward, one leaping forward while the other scaled back.  The common theme in being stuck in illusion, was pot.
Marijuana is not a bad thing, quite the contrary, it is holy and of God.  However, I saw how my spiritual development was always hindered, my relationships muddled, my emotions and desire body sent spinning out of whack, by the frequent or infrequent use of marijuana.  I was living in a daydream and giving away my power to some entity that would speak to me in the dark, or while i slept, or encourage me to have thoughts of suicide ((if this all sounds dramatic to you, it is, please keep in mind I am a psychic medium messing around with hallucinogens and demons)).
As a spiritual seeker and a devotee to my own personal development, nothing was more of a hindrance to my clarity then the use of marijuana.  I loved the pleasure aspect of it, the sex, the food, the calm, the peace, the positive vibes.  But after a while, I started to notice that I was numbing myself and overall I was losing my zest for life and had to smoke just to feel like i was excited to do things.  I ended up using marijuana to treat the symptoms of marijuana use ((DOH!!))  
There were many teachers and healers throughout the years who told me, directly or indirectly, or sometimes just my guides telling me, “Hey James, try getting pot out of your life, just see what happens.”  Meanwhile, I would be doing tarot readings for myself while high, asking “What’s wrong, why am I so sad, why am I so unclear, why is it hard to move past things?”  This is a great example of how the entities connected to pot can be so tricky, you can’t see the what is right in front of you.
I have to say, in my deepest pain, I did find pot to be a great friend.  That being said, I also found great friends with anyone that I reached out to with trust on a consistent basis, and those human beings never called me a few hours later like “Hey, by the way, I’m no longer supporting you unless you call me again… good luck, oh by the way it’s $50 for an eighth of an hour of my time ((lol))”.
What I am saying here is, if you are someone who intends to be on the spiritual path ((whatever that means)), then I would highly recommend reading through this article maybe more then once, then referencing it against your experiences when you smoke or eat marijuana.  Again, I am not taking away from the healing potential of Cannabis, but personally, I do believe that CBD extracts ((which do not get you high)) are the true medicinal property of marijuana.
Links and Extra Info
To that extent, if you seek that kind of support, there is no better creator of sed products then Rick Simpson, Phoenix Tears, and I know for a fact that these are available at certain dispensaries in both California and Colorado.  They are amazing for treating ailment like cancer and severe digestive difficulties.
In this link, there is a description and excerpts from Elizabeth Claire Prophet ((love her work)) and a discussion Spiritual Aspects of Marijuana.
Honestly the hosts don’t seem very versed in the use of Marijuana, but their info is pretty spot on, check in for yourself, see how you feel ((just a hint, don’t listen while high)).
If it feels appropriate, here is a link to a healer who talks about entity possession, something that ((in my opinion)) definitely happens if you smoke weed regularly, he gives you some tips on clearing them ((worth the listen either way)).  Clearing Entity Possession
XXxxxxxXX Blessings and Rock on With Your Life Dear Ones XXxxxxxXX

5 thoughts on “My Relationship with Weed // A Psychic Medium’s Take on Marijuana

  1. Your article has made a great sense to me, im in a path of wisdom and it seems diluting my problems with marijuana have only made it worse for me. I felt something off from using and i knew it had to do with spirituality. Once having contact with these lower astral beings what should i do to keep myself away from them and make sure they dont take my light… That i so require for my life recovery and wisdom seeking. Thank you if you read and respond.

    1. This is a very personal topic, not all people experience cannabis this way. If you have recognized that you do, it is likely that you are empathic or highly sensitive. Remember that regardless of what you bring into your body, no BEing can take your light unless given permission. Remember that everything is a gift, so perhaps this experience is asking you to find a different way to ‘feel good’ or take personal space, whatever reason that cannabis works for you. Do some brainstorming to see what kind of ways you can get the same beneficial effects that cannabis offered through other activities not involving THC. For myself, I take a CBD extract containing no THC. I like how it makes my body relaxed without clouding my mind, I don’t need anything else expanding my consciousness, life is plenty!

      Thank you for sharing ✌🏼

  2. i am very empathic and feel my way around my psychic abilities. There are several things in your article that are similar to my story, yet there is much to be said for your own personal choices. as there is no effect without cause, maybe choosing to dabble with extra-personal energies and entities will high was not a good idea. I personally would not recommend practicing such actions regardless of one’s level of intoxication though. It is important for whomever is practicing what to be aware of what entities and energies with whom they are communicating. For me, weed has neither been overly negative or positive and is simply a tool which works the way the user wields it and nothing more. In that regard, weed can do whatever the user imagines it to do. For me, having a negative idea of the effects of the marijuana led to negative effects in my life. However, using weed in a positive manner always seemed to bring a medicinal, uplifting, or positive result. To wrap things up, marijuana in reflecting and meditating on my own path has always ended well for me. Feeling things deeply and thoroughly, allowing my mind to slow down and process, and casting off some of the restrictions of time and body have blessed me tremendously. (also, there are not a tremendous amount of carcinogens in weed unless specifically smoking resin)

    1. I may need to write a rebuttal to my own article. This was over a year ago and I have gained a deeper understanding of these dynamics. Thank you for sharing your experience, it certainly is different for everyone. And I very much agree with your assessment that what you call in finds you. At the end of the day, I was still beating myself up about an arrest in my college years which involved public shaming and potential jail time. I still prefer to be THC free for the sake of my mental clarity and capitalize on other ways of ‘getting high’ like meditation hiking or dancing.

      Blessings to you

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