Soulstice // Re-awaken

Talk about energy and astrology all you want

But all of the information you will ever need is right in front of you, it is in your daily interactions with yourself, your loved ones, coworkers, and your neighbors.Life is not designed to be analyzed and broken down and prepared for ((a little guidance now and then never hurts)) it is here to be explored and experienced.

No one is expecting anything of you, and if an individual IS, then they are actually expecting something from THEIR reality, and projecting it on you.

Many find purpose through fulfilling expectations, doing a job, finding a client, helping the world… This is all well and good, but in the end, it is important to reevaluate your motivations for doing these things. Do you love doing them? Are you doing them BECAUSE…

It may feel depressing to leave a job or to change directions from long standing responsibilities, but I tell you this is the feeling of freedom setting in.

When we follow our hearts and step away from convention, we enable ourselves to fully trust that we are loved and taken care of, take the ‘I’ out of creation, and be an experiential observer and lover of life.

You ARE what you ARE 

And will never be defined by your worldly ‘accomplishments’ 

Even skyscrapers will become sands on a beach, your soul is eternal, start listening and building from that point.


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