Psychic Astrologer James Ray :: 2016 “Year in Preview”


2016 finds us at the precipice of social change, as we step into the next year we are teetering on collapse in many different facets.  This is not surprising to anyone watching the stars.  It is, in fact, much less precarious then it appears to be.  Like an acrobat that has trained her entire life, flexing her muscles and balancing on a beam and spinning like a top, the universe knows what it is doing.

However, we are launching into the unknown, dizzied and not quite sure of how to reconcile the interactions between practical and boundary driven Saturn, and dreamy yet all-encompassing Neptune.  Will we sit and watch as the elected world leaders continue to act as puppets?  Painting a terrifying view of the world that keeps us on the edge of our highly medicated seats?  Or will we shut off our TV’s, begin to question the status quo, the media, the left and the right?  Is this the time where we begin to sacrifice our comfort for the sake of a better world?

Saturn in Sagittarius brings up some serious questions to contemplate, ideas are aplenty, and that which is uninspiring is up for change, to say the least.  The structures of our very society are up for discussion, while Neptune edges in to remind us not to forget about the little guy, the dreamer, the homeless, the poor, the God aspect in all things and all people.  Could anything be more beautiful than this dance?

What is needed as we step into this year… Well, Jupiter is expansively making it’s way through the mid and latter stages of Virgo, so taking a closer look at what is wrong is just what the doctor ordered.  If Virgo plays a strong role in your chart, it may be good to show a bit of restraint and perhaps even some pessimism from time to time ((sounds crazy right)), as Jupiter offers so much expansion and possibility that we may forget that the third dimension is based in a different reality then our ideas.  Big ideas take hard work, and the more they challenge the status quo, the more work they require ((if you aren’t up for working, this may not be your year)).  How “different” is your idea of things from what is happening now??  It will require an equal amount of groundedness in the current reality to secure, plant, and grow the new idea into fruition ((fruiting dreams!!)).

Where will we all stand on the dramatic issues brought up by tumultuous 2015?  Sexism, classism, racism, police brutality, gun control, more wars halfway around the world, school shootings, church shootings, planned parenthood…..blah!!  It’s enough to make you vomit your organic cold pressed green juice, or your coors light ((hey Starman don’t judge)).

What I am saying, is that 2016 is primed to be a year that will be remembered as a time when things actually changed ((did I mention that there is a presidential election??))  Now the planets can’t really tell us what is going to happen, as my teacher and honorary second dad Monty would say “the planets awaken potentials in the human unconscious”.  What we do with this once it is awoken.. well.. isn’t that the million dollar question??

Years of coaching has taught me one thing, and I am pretty sure I am the first one to ever say this “you can lead a horse to water, but once you awaken that horse to it’s potential there is no way to tell whether he or she will apply themselves in an empowered fashion to break old patterns and clear karmic debris” ((kind of catchy huh?))

I kid, but seriously, we MUST empower ourselves, this is the sign of the times.  The age of Aquarius looms large, and you might want to take note of this, it will be true for the rest of your life..

The age of Aquarius is about each individual expressing themselves fully while working for the common good.  It is a time when the collective responsibility is equally shared by all, without losing the individuality of one.  Together our unique and fully actualized expression will knit a fabric that covers the Earth, healing all and working in concert with Gaia.

There are no more Gurus, there is no time for religion, there is no time for blame or victim mentality.  Picture victim mentality as a slingshot that has pulled humanity back to it’s breaking point, a human race now aimed directly and intentionally at the future…the Aquarian Age…are you ready…set…go!!!

Or, should I say…ready…set…let that shit GO!

This is a year of self ownership, we will all begin to own our feelings, our actions, our debts, and our gains.  If you fail to keep up with this in 2016, you will not be left behind, you will choose to leave yourself out, for we are all remembering our birthright as sons and daughters of the creator.  Whether you believe that was the big bang, a lightning bolt in the soup of mineral rich ponds, or a man on a cloud who has an amazing beard, IT DOESNT MATTER, the truth IS, that you and I are one with each other, and one with the creator.  Any harm done to your family, your community, your brothers and sisters in the human race, your animal friends, is done to your own body.  Ohm out loud my brothers and sisters, I am not some woo woo spiritualist, I am a man that grew up in an inner city knowing only that the Catholic “God” thought I shouldn’t touch my penis, MTV was the best thing ever, besides football and McDonald’s, and there were 15-20 stars in the night sky.

Things change, we change, we ARE change… and this year, we have been building towards this for some time.  Nothing is ever given to you, the universe would be a desolate and robotic place if this were the case.  In fact, when you are shown grace, you are simply guided closely to take advantage of an opportunity.  This is why you MUST stay empowered.

This empowerment spells H-E-double hockey sticks for the powers that be, and that brings a big smile to the face Aquarian boy from Baltimore.  It is just so easy to feed off of those who freely give their energy away to TV and media, to fear and doubt, who willingly sacrifice their vitality by fighting amongst themselves and imbibing in far too many vices on much to often an occasion.

What disempowers you…or should I say, “how do you choose to disempower yourself?”  These things, my friends, will be the only blockage between you and your dreams in 2016.  Play your cards well, because your adversary knows all your weaknesses, it//he//she is you.

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