3 Men who Taught me about Life in 2015

This year was humbling to say the least.  I have always seen myself as a teacher, which is a beautiful thing, but at times, can leave me stubborn and forgetting my role as a student and child of the universe.  Just another reason to be thankful for what appear to be impasses to my desires, ‘setbacks’ remind me to center and be grateful for what is around me.

Through my struggles this year ((and they were plentiful)), there were certain individuals who materialized out of the ether to shine their light into my heart and mind, and inspire me to move forward no matter how dark the night or heavy the day…

Nahko taught me to stay in my Heart…

Nahko Bear.  This man, holy jeebus, what an amazing individual.  Born vision impaired ((basically blind)) and later given the gift of sight.  I live in Brooklyn, NY, in the midst of what is cool and hip and trending and indie, Nahko and Medicine for the People might seem a little “unhip” ((wow that sentence makes me sound soo old)).  Nahko borders on country, rockabilly, new age, affirmation music, kirtan, and dare I say Christian rock.  Chanting and whaling his way through poetically inspired verses behind talented and passionate guitar about self empowerment, the plight of indigenous cultures, and the beauty of being.  There are times where you are not sure if he is crying, laughing, praying, or all three.  His lyrics, and his dedication to see the bright side while never giving up his tight grasp on the realities of life, for this and many other reasons, I love this man, and he and his band inspired me to stay focused and feel better, and when I couldn’t, to perhaps just sing or cry or pray.


Mark Husson taught me to keep learning.

Mark Husson.  Mark is an astrologer and another beautiful open hearted man.  I discovered Mark years ago on Hay House Radio ((link)) where he hosted a show called “The Power Peek”.  Having an interest in Astrology I found an immediate connection to his style of intuitive, lighthearted, and honest was of teaching and reading.  Mark is never too serious to miss an opportunity to laugh, and will never joke too much to miss an opportunity to drop life changing wisdom in a way that is both compassionate and palatable.  More recently, Mark started his own online radio station 12Radio ((link)), and this, my friends, is some amazing programming.  There is no super high production value, there are no sponsors, it is indie radio that is new age, spiritual, practical, and whimsical all at once.  The positive and eccentric hosts are as pure as light itself.  Do yourself a favor, at the very least, check out the link, and listen to some of his shows via the archive.  There is also an app where you can access recorded shows from your phone, which I use and listen to while cooking, cleaning, walking, or riding transit.  Listening to radio shows about astrology is just on of the ways I learned astrology myself, and also a great way to fill the psychic space around you with something positive and nurturing ((it is vitally important to choose your information wisely)).

Interested in Astrology, listen to one of Mark’s shows, you will be hooked

Jon Oliver taught me to have a cause, but keep it light.

Jon Oliver.  Now this name you have probably heard before, and perhaps you have even seen his show “Last Week Tonight”.  Jon hosted The Daily Show during Jon Stewart’s absence last year.  He is a comedian but to me he is part of the new media ((spearheaded by people such as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert)) and really just speaks the truth in a way that is just becoming acceptable in media.  I do not have cable myself, and his show airs on HBO, however, thanks to the beauty of YouTube, I am always able to catch his lengthier segments on serious topics.  Jon touches on serious problems in our national and global communities, exhaustive research and exquisite writing matched with a charming accent and impeccable timing, his reports hit your mind, your heart, and your funny bone ((yes I said funny bone, 2015 has turned me into a grandmother apparently)).  Please, do yourself a favor, check out a few of these videos from 2015, or better yet, go back and watch all of them, he really is quite a talent, and brings what is usually unacceptable to a grand scale with tact and a smile.

Blessings my friends



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