Speaking your Truth // The Ills of Apology


Tell me a story that doesn’t begin with some sort of dream, some wish, some motivation to create something new better or different.

It doesn’t exist, even in the bible one could say that somehow God was lonely or at the very least bored or perhaps interested in what might happen.  That He((and i am anthropomorphizing because I spoke of the bible–clearly God is a Rainbow colored Unicorn #duh)) created all of creation as a sort of experiment.

Let 2016 be the year where you create your experiment, let your deepest wounds unravel in a field of inspired action.  Let this intentional and unapologetic action lay out the field upon which you can explore that which troubles you.

Political correctness serves no one besides those who seek to enforce political correctness and those who seek to hide from true expression.  I say let those offended by your honest expression stand up to your perceived bigotry, or if they lack this initiative or desire, seek shelter from your truth and go to other places for safety and security.  It is not your responsibility to apologize for the sins of your forefathers or to shrink your truth in the face of another’s sensitivities ((I am not telling you to be an asshole, but alas, some may think you are — there is a difference #knowthyself)).

As you move forward into a more authentic expression free of apology and constant self criticism, you will be emanating your highest and most honest vibration.  Anyone who knows anything about the law of attraction understands that you attract that which you give off or emanate.  If you are giving off a half-hearted apologetic whimper to the world, why would you expect to be able to create an empowered life, raise empowered children, or stand up for yourself against the “ills” of society??

By being ‘polite’, have we not created a system where we will inevitably be told to ‘shut our mouths’ and ‘let go of our wild daydreams’.  As above so below, and vice versa, if our subconscious programming is to shrink at the thought of infringing on anothers energy field, then how can we create effective and lasting change against anything?? We are, in fact, complicit in our own enslavement here on planet Earth.

In my humble opinion.. oh no wait, in my assholish, possibly myopic, western world influenced, testosterone fueled opinion…ahem… the only place to start is by STOPPING the apologies.  There is a line between political correctness and compassion, and if you don’t think you can trust yourself to tow the line effectively, then maybe you should live in a world that monitors your every thought and expression.  In other words, keep the personal attacks about lifestyle choice to yourself, but NEVER block your truth, even if it may not be received well by those around you.

The details of what you say are not what is important, but the fact that you express it, the energy of the individual aligned with self and broadcasting, that is the nature of empowerment, and that is why you MUST MUST MUST share your heart with the world, for all of us…


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