Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn // January 5-25 2016

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Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn :: 1.5-25.16

A retrograde period is, in fact, an illusion, but then again, all of life is also an illusion.  When we are talking about a planet going retrograde, we are actually referring to the fact that it appears to be changing directions and moving backwards in the zodiac, in other words, it is moving clockwise instead of the traditional chart direction of counterclockwise.  This has to do with perspective, not the actual movement of the planet.

This is the simplest explanation, of course, orbits are not circles but actually elliptical and change placement all the time, especially the Earth which tilts on an axis.  Remember, we refer to the rest of the solar system as if we are the center in astrology, we are simply saying what it is that we see with our instrumentation.  

The truth is that this is a whole scheme made up by our perspective.  That being said, we are, according to my belief, the center of our experience and are part and parcel in the body of God//Source//Creation, so I could not fathom any other way to view the experience of life.  ((we see and experience things from where we are and the senses that are ruling us at any given moment.

As far as retrograde period goes and why it actually effects us…  Think about this example.  If you were standing in a room looking into a mirror, and there was someone holding a gun pointed right at you in the mirror, your body would have a visceral reaction and maybe even duck or flinch.  

You are in fact in no danger, and on some level you know you are safe ((much like you know the planet in retrograde is not actually moving backwards)), however you still experience a strong response.  When it comes to planets, these are the bodies that govern our immediate neighborhood of the galaxy//universe.  They are colossal in their subtle energy body, but also colossal in their gravitational impact.  ((large bodies of any sort actually pull things towards themselves, simply by being [[planets and large bodies are attractive]] )) When one of them moves backwards ((according to our perception)) it has an impact on us.  If you are in a car and accustomed to it moving at a constant speed for 3 months, then it slows down, comes to a stop, then begins to move backwards, you might notice a bit of discomfort, confusion, or at the very least some sort of change in your experience of life.  

Planets are simply energy, they give off a constant state of energy.  Mercury is all about connection, how things come together, what are the connections between things.  This is why mercury rules communication and most of technology ((we use technology to stay connected)).  

Capricorn is an earth Sign and is very practical, Capricorn’s planetary ruler is Saturn, Saturn is all about structure and discipline.  Saturn will help you refine your energy by staying focused through challenging tasks.  Because of this, Saturn energy has to ‘cut dead weight’.  Capricorn is much like this, it is a ‘no frills’ sign.  Capricorn wants to know the how, when, why ((which mercury is fabulous at understanding)) but then to figure out how to use it in some practical and useful way.

Mercury is more at home in Virgo, where details upon details reign, or with Gemini, where thought is free to float from item to item, connecting all the dots as fast as it is figuring out that dots exist.  So to some extent, we may all feel a little bit detached and cold during Mercury in Capricorn.  

Those born with Mercury in Capricorn are often seen as too serious or too cold and detached, ((they process information through a filter of functionality)).  So too, during this retrograde, we may find ourselves at our wits end with ‘useless’ or ‘frivolous’ connections with people, places, jobs, habits.  That which is not practical and functional ((dysfunctional)) is up for some serious review.  I remind you, REVIEW is a key word.  Retrograde periods in Mercury are not an ‘advisable’ time ((hey if it feels right on an intuitive level, make your own decision)) to make drastic choices or changes of relationship or vocation.  Take the information you learn from this time, be patient, and apply as you move forward.  If something, however, is already dangling by a thread, this may be the perfect time to ‘cut the dead weight’, before the ‘mind numbing look reality in the face with utter mental clarity and detail’ of Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn shit hits the fan.

Mercury retrograde is not ::

A time where communication is a bad idea

  • in fact, I believe this is the best time to have OPEN, HONEST, COMPASSIONATE discussion with a partner, it is a great time to learn as we are all closer to our own center and have deeper awareness ((while maybe not clearer thinking—our depths can be murky disorganized and messy [[we all have the one closet or drawer]] ))

A bad time to for travel

  • Mercury Rx is a time when you should allow for MORE TIME when traveling, you should double check all reservations and expect some delays.  You should be reminding clients or business associates or friends of plans and be specific with timing.  ((we are all reevaluate the way we connect//communicate))  It is in fact, a time to practice prudent planning and patience  ((that’s P to the fourth power))

Mercury Rx is not the best time for :: ((notice i said BEST, if it feels right, go for it))

Signing contracts

  • because we are at a different level of understanding ourselves, we are not necessarily comfortable with these depths, much less communicating form that depth, and to even less of a degree making commitments from that level.  ((you may agree to something under retrograde that is completely unfeasible the rest of the year))

Executing large scale plans

  • ((read above)) we are at a different state of understanding ourselves, this is a mind altering energy ((mercury rules the mind, it’s moving backwards)).  The intention set at the beginning of a venture or project is the seed that is planted and holds the DNA for what is to be built.  Like stated above, we are at a deeper level of understanding and awareness, and our actions then have to manifest out through many more layers or ego and awareness.  Once retrograde is over, we may find it difficult to reach the depth, or, we may then realize we have built our neuroses or deeper constructs into the venture ((which will then have to be resolved in some fashion afterward)).

Musings on Mercury Rx ::

  • mercury retrograde is a time of “thinking about thinking”, now say you were thinking about feelings, you would now be “thinking about thinking about feelings” ((how do you feel about that?  think about it))
  • the connection between things.
  • the connection between light and dark.
  • the connection between the conscious and the unconscious.
  • the deeper motives for doing things, what springs you to react?
  • how do we say what we want to say? why do we want to say it?

In Capricorn ::

  • what are my efficient and functional mental processes, what are the least efficient?
  • how can I be more efficient in my communications? why am I not more efficient in my communications?  what may cause this?
  • words may be clear and to the point, cutting at the deepest level.  Put on a happy face, if you can, it may be the difference between open receptivity and perceived judgement.



To finish, Mercury in Retrograde is a time to observe the deeper level of how you function.  All of that which you gain in this process will inform your future actions.  You may be a little messy during this time, much like your bedroom would be if you were going through and analyzing all of the things you own.  Be kind to the self, be compassionate, attempt to resist the inclination to break everything down so logically, remember emotions are there for a reason.  The key to handling emotions is to experience them without losing oneself in their midst.

Mercury Rx in Capricorn is undoubtedly a time when it will be very easy to objectify and detach from the emotional context of your life.  In fact, I see as a time of deep healing and forgiveness of the self.  The combination of this planet retrograde in this sign ((the sign represents the environment in which the energy of the planet plays out its role, while capricorn may limit Mercury’s flighty tendencies, it will also help to funnel its amazingly brilliant energy through a detached and ruthlessly honest exploration of the human psyche)).

Use this time to heal yourself, use this time to forgive yourself, as many of the realizations will be of the “oh shit” variety.  Be extra compassionate to your fellow woman//man as they too are experiencing the same energy you are, whether they show it or not.

Do not forget the importance of feeling, there are times where people can be on the brink of certain disaster, and all they really need is permission to feel what they feel.  During this time, give YOURSELF that permission, and if you can’t, seek out another who will support you, we all have a few people like this ((you won’t find this kind of love on TV, in substances, in food, or on Facebook [[well, maybe through chat]] )).

With this awareness and dedication to being OK with what you see, you can make great strides towards business goals.  Do not expect to see results immediately, but trust that this deeper level work will manifest in the months to come.

Many blessings to you my friends and Buena Suerte

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