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As the sun moves into the sign of Aquarius, let me do my best to objectify the current astrological progression.  I was born on February 10th, 1982 @ 2:42PM in Baltimore, MD.

This puts the sun in Aquarius @ 21 degrees and Mercury in Aquarius @ 3 degrees.  I am, as many notice, more ‘grounded’ and practical then the average aquarian ((whatever that means)).  Perhaps a moon in Virgo, and South Node in Capricorn could explain this.  My belief, however, is that life is a constant series of lessons, and one of the major lessons has been, undoubtedly, to get grounded, be practical, and never expect outside circumstances to change for you ((so maybe that has grounded the traditionally floaty energy of the water bearer into the physical)).

James’ Aquarian sun in Eighth House, Mercury in Seventh

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 8.58.32 AM

All that being said, we are never just one part of our chart.  The sun plays a ‘vital’ ((pun intended)) role in our lives and our charts.  Mercury in Aquarius, as well, indicates that sharing the ideals and viewpoints of Aquarius through the written and spoken word are a strong point ((just be careful of the tangents, and if I lose you, just keep reading, it will come back down to earth)).

Aquarians carry a heavy burden, they are ahead of the game. Because of this, they often feel lonely and set apart, which they also enjoy. They want to be different but also want to help things improve. The combination of unique ideas, rejection of the status quo, and a brilliant problem solving future oriented mind make them fascinating to be around and infuriating to try to understand, possess, or control.

Aquarians like being right, but will never find their validation through others opinions, you will waste your time in trying to argue with them. Best to keep your ideas expressed very clearly and with detachment from emotion. They will respect you for this. Don’t expect to ever win a battle, their intellectual magic and sometimes manipulation will only allow ‘defeat’ if they choose it.


As an aquarian sun and Mercury, I find myself rejecting that which is ‘common’, without judgement, but with a deep inner knowing that group think is dangerous and ‘dumbs’ people down.

I find myself against the use of anything that I can do without on this physical plane, especially those things that cause pain or suffering for others.

I find myself seeing ‘others’ as all beings, prisoners, ‘terrorists’, animals, Angels, dis incarnate spirits, extra terrestrials, fairies, plants.

I find myself pondering the fate of humanity and the earth, and thinking about the nature of existence on an almost constant basis.

I find myself fighting for my independence while also seeking to merge back with source, and to see that source in all experiences, things, and people.

I find myself seeing the lessons in all moments, being quicker to change myself then to attempt to rearrange the pieces outside of me.

I do things for me, not for valor, or attention, or even because I think I should, but because ‘I know’ it is what I ‘must’ do.


Vaccines // Mandatory anything – I don’t trust who makes them

Secrets – truth is the only way

Drama – from people, I have no time for it

Victims – you are responsible for everything in your life

Cheaters – you are cheating yourself and you look like a brat

Group mentality – think for yourself

Lack of self awareness – just walk away from an aquarian

Popular viewpoints – I am not saying hey are wrong, but they irritate me ((fear of losing my identity maybe))

Abusing animals – ((and humans)) but somehow it seems more egregious to treat animals badly

Passive aggressiveness – this one, oh man, say what you mean, at all times

Political correctness – by this, I mean, refusing to express yourself out of fear of offending someone

Racism // sexism // classism – most ism’s that separate people into different groups

Organized religion // fundamentalism – seriously people, everybody has a right to define their sense of God.

Nationalism // patriotism // Sheeples -those in power lie and manipulate, it’s what they do, never give someone or some entity your power

War // Violence – violence begets violence, the world is run by children


Animals – not on my plate, but when I can pet them

Debate – not fighting, but honest and open conversation concerning disparate viewpoints

Science – as long as spirit is also taken into account

Nature – mountains, lakes, oceans, desserts, trees, rocks, etc…

Honesty – so sexy

Crystals – yes, we are stoners.

Vulnerability – also known as emotional honesty, very sexy

Knowing what you want – yes please

Directness – tell me straight

Children – not having my own, but being able to spend time in their presence

Dancing – who doesn’t like dancing?

People – not their viewpoints, but them, all of them!!


In the end, it seems that I seek ‘truth’ at all costs, and am willing to sustain a lot of damage to my Ego in order to find it.  During this month, be willing to ‘die to yourself’ in order to be reborn in the spring that awaits.

You will always be repaid for the self love and determination towards your mindful ideals.

Enjoy the season XX


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