I am a Psychic… and I charge for my services :: Don’t give your love away


Some gifts are challenging to carry.  I see things, I know things, I hear things.  I always have, and until recently, I did not accept this as a gift, and instead saw it as a curse.  However, and not so coincidentally, I began to embrace my vision as a gift, and I have come to a place of peace, where I can receive love ((in the form of money)) for the love I share ((in the form of vision and insight and messages from spirit)).

I am a psychic, astrology is a language I speak to help describe the waves of life and soul development.

If you ever seek guidance on a topic or have sought guidance before, then you know that I can delve into what seems to be unseeable. It’s a weight as much as a gift, as they say, all curses blessings and all blessings curses.

I like to think that all things are simply a piece of the puzzle, whether good or bad, high or low.

My vision is a gift, and the gift stays on the positive side when I use it to help others, go figure.

If you ever seek guidance or assistance and feel that I can help, on any issue, feel free to email me astrologywithjames@gmail.com

I offer over the phone, in person, and skype sessions.  I respect what I do and that is why I seek energy exchange in the form of money, money that I then use to love myself and purchase experiences and goods that enrich my life so that I can move forward and share my gifts with more people.


I would never turn someone down because of money, unless I could not take care of myself, it may have to be put off until a later time. At times i become exasperated with money, but I try to let it go. Let us remember that all things are here for a reason, and for the most part, money allows us to share gifts and talents with each other and then choose how we benefit. The financial system isn’t perfect, but trade with currency seems to be essential in such a busy and complicated world.

Share yourself honestly with others, at all times, while simultaneously protecting what you hold dear, this is your only duty in life.

Charge for what you do, seek value in return for the value you offer others.  Just because something is a gift does not mean that you should give it away for free.  Very often it is our gifts that lie in our deepest of depths, and pulling them forth requires tremendous amounts of energy.  Remember, energy in this world, will not simply be given to you, there is a system of earning and paying for things.  Although this may not be what you remember from past lives or think is right at your core, IT IS how it works here, so get with the program.  I say this out of love, if you are not earning money for yourself you are not loving yourself, it really is that simple.

Blessed be you children of light, I am undoubtedly your brother.  Respect others with similar gifts by holding your services in high regard…

Love and Light Always, StarMan James

For a discounted Psychic Session in person, find me here…


Urban Ceremony at Lightbox – I will be offering Psychic Astrology Sessions in the Wellness Womb.  20 minutes for $25.

On Saturday January 30th — 12:00pm – 3:30pm :: Relax in the “WELLNESS WOMB” with bodyworkers, massage, reiki, astrology, tarot, and more. Healers offer affordable 15-minute mini-sessions to experience it all. Tea ceremonies, music, visuals, interactivity, snacks/drinks, and mingling throughout the day. *Free* with advance RSVP via ticket link.

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