Here come the Fishes // Dear Pisces…

Koi Pisces Seperate

Pisces, yes the fishes!!  The mutable water sign, marking the end of winter, it’s mutable quality loosening the hold of darkness and cold so that we can accept the springtime bounty of radiant joy.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac wheel, number 12, the oldest of the crew, but also the wisest.  Pisces don’t let details get in their way, leave that for the opposing Virgo to toil away with fine print and the how and where the dishes are put away.  Pisces reminds us that we are all united, and that is a beautiful thing.  Although, in reality, that which unites us is not really that pretty, well, I guess it depends on how you look at it.

The ocean, the unconscious, the waves, the tides, the schools of action and thought :: this is Pisces.  They are immersed in the ocean of experience.  All is family, when humanity is doing well, they are doing well, and vice versa.  Pisces will lie awake at night feeling that there is some trauma happening to a forgotten people somewhere on the planet.  Or perhaps they will lie awake considering how to help the city’s homeless population ((or perhaps just that one amputee in the convenience store parking lot)).  Pisces are the quintessential martyrs, and while they have a flair for the dramatic, trust me, it ain’t about them, it is about those who have been forgotten.  While the Aquarius may want to help the whole of humanity, water bearers will move forward and leave those who cannot make it behind.  Pisces, on the other hand, will put the whole tribe at risk to save a wounded member ((all beings are members of her family)).  The combination of Aquarius and Pisces, combined with action, is a great pair for larger humanitarian efforts.  Pull in a Capricorn for structure and you can build the new world.

Familiar to all and understood by very few, as flaky as they can be reliable, the Pisces is a combination of charm and quirk.  When they are ‘with it’, their in-tune gear is nothing to be messed with, you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed and struggling to keep your head above water.  When a Pisces is ‘lost at sea’, you may be just what they are looking for, a lighthouse, a life saver.  The saving grace of the Pisces is their aloofness.  Just at the moment when you think they are being vindictive, passive aggressive, or manipulative, you realize they are floating on some endless sea of good intentions, and that you just projected onto the universal consciousness ((time to reel it back in)).

If you find yourself at odds with a Pisces, remember that their feelings are big, as big as the ocean.  If you feel they are targeting you or angry with you, trust that they are justified, and that they will not hold this grudge for long.  Unlike the fixed water sign of Scorpio, Pisces cannot hold onto much of anything ((focus isn’t their strongpoint XxxX)).  Given forgiveness, understanding, and time, they will move on and back into their lovely graceful dance upon the cosmic sea.

Feeling shitty? Need an ear? Look no further then a Pisces.  It is not that they will take in what you say and feed it back to you in a new way of understanding, but their presence will open you up to the fact that all things are possible, these people are ‘in touch’.  Please show them gratitude, as with martyrdom, most of their good deeds go unnoticed, so notice them, and tell them that they are f’ing awesome!!

If you are a Pisces or identify with Pisces energy, this message is for you…

Stop what you are doing… where are you right now?  Do or did you have plans for the day?  Did you do them?  Did you make a list?  Was your list exceedingly long?  Where is that list?

Okay I am kidding ((but seriously, where is it?))

Go to a mirror and thank yourself… I’ll wait……… How did that feel?  Hard to receive, maybe, keep doing it.  You are under appreciated or at the very least feel that way, give yourself some damn credit please, we love you, from the bottom of our hearts that perhaps only you can see, we love you and appreciate you.

Now that that is done, make some space in your day today or tomorrow to be creative and weird on your own, make this a daily habit.  Nothing says “I appreciate you” like giving yourself permission to BE YOU!  What is your thing?  Do you knit scarves for squirrels?  Do you draw?  Do you sit and dream about what it would be like if humanity all got along?  Whatever it is, you need this time.  Go out into that cosmic soup around you and pull back what feels good to YOU.

Never forget in your attempts to help the world, that YOU ARE THE WORLD!  It is really that simple.  Don’t abandon your causes, but bring it home into your heart and life.  You want people to be happy in relationships?  You better damn well ensure your own happiness.  You want people to sleep better and stay away from drama?  Then why are you staying up late listening to them vomit their drama all over you?

No one will ever be saved if the valiant do gooders fall on their own sword

I know you feel deeply, and I know that you care, but do all that you can to focus and simplify, only then can the beauty of your unique expansiveness be appreciated.  Your shadow is welcome here, unless you decide that it is not.  Simply because you can read the ether, does not mean it is wise to base your decisions off of whims.  Speak up and be heard, ask questions and receive answers.


We are limitless…

So, how do we use this energy during the sun in Pisces?  Get in touch with the big picture of winter breakdown…

Capricorn, relating to Saturn, we DO more, is about being discerning, having boundaries, being a shrewd decision maker.  During this time, we look at realistic scenarios and what holds us back, we are pragmatic and physically energized.

Aquarius, relating to Uranus, where we try out the unusual and high ideal, we think a lot, we come up with innovative ideas that may or may not ever come to fruition, we are mentally energized.

Piscean emotional map

Pisces, relating to Neptune, we are otherworldly, be embody the weird, life is a mind altering substance, we are emotionally energized.  This is a time to dream, to be at peace, to release deeply held beliefs about should’s and have to’s.  Pisces says f#ck that.  Get your mind out of the clouds and let your emotions guide you, the ocean is plentiful and is filled with that which you need.  Prioritize being easy going ((I didn’t say push over)), and balance being with people and being alone.

Don’t overdo it, remember to rest during this time, spring is coming, and those rams are going to want to flirt and dance and hike and on and on and on.

Love and abundance and gratitude to all for reading XxxxX

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