Change and Resistance // Find your Traction

quite often it is the exact thing we are avoiding
that will bring us to a deeper state of peace
almost as if we are not finished wandering as we stand in front of the door to our next home
it is crying out to you, it is popping up on your radar screen
it is the issue that makes you cringe or causes you to ‘gulp’ at it’s thought
face yourself
empower yourself
speak up for yourself
to yourself first
and then to others
we are being taught to be autonomous beings, free of the slavery that has become an epidemic on this planet
hundreds of thousands…no… millions of human beings toiling within themselves, dancing with their doubt, arguing with their logic and judging their emotions.
the way out is whispering to you, and the more you deny it’s messages, it will begin to scream, to put on a show, a drama to fill your world with anything but focus.
Look at me, I am your pain, i am not your suffering
your suffering is a byproduct of not looking at the pain
your body is right, trust me, it’s right
trust it, your body knows what it is doing
the beauty of an extremely intricate and complicated system, is that it must have some magnificent self-regulating qualities.
“Put the psyche in motion and it will heal itself” – Gabrielle Roth
Trust the process, the feelings that come up are not designed to make you change your mind, this is ludicrous and irresponsible to react to emotions by changing your direction. This would be the equivalent of turning your car around because the wind changed directions. Keep moving my friends, if you face adversity, it is because you are forging forward, you are breaking new ground. How could any being exist unless there was some resistance to change… There would be nothing solid, no ground on which to build your next adventure and then take flight into the unknown. If our minds allowed any influence to change them, we would quickly dissolve into the cosmic soup, never again to materialize as me/you/I.
As you row a canoe across a lake, it is the resistance against the oar that propels you forward to your destination.
Love the resistance, own that resistance, it is your traction in this sometimes unyielding world of change, pain, and doubt. You can always count on the resistance to guide your intuitive steps forward.
Love yourself this day, and never forget that all things are part of the human experience, and therefore are LOVE.

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