Why you are Burning in Place // Mars Retrograde 2016 :: April 17-August 2

Retrograde, the term is thrown all over the place these days.  During a retrograde period, we look back at what has been happening or what we are doing.  This gives us more time to feel into it, but mostly, to think about it.  The longer we observe something and the longer it takes to develop, the more we are going to think about it.

Mercury retrograde is just more of itself, thinking about thinking.  It is a great time to think about what you might do into the future, when you feel into mercury based energies you simply become sharper with your mind, if you can wade through the thickness of the mental environment.  The stagnation or at least slowing of the mercurial energy causes thought to be heavier, almost more dense, the mind may race, but will also tire quite easily.  No one makes good decisions when they are exhausted, frustration can set in.

Rest you worker bees.  During a retrograde in mercury, put down the smartphone, cross things off your list and please be ready to cancel even the best of laid plans.

Often it is in canceling that we show the most love to ourselves.  It is to say, what you feel at this moment, what you are, is more important that the whims about what this moment was ‘supposed’ to be.

Mercury retrograde provides us with an intensified Mercury, more thoughts about thoughts.


Mars on the other hand…

Mars doesn’t think, if Mars had a language, it would be a series of grunts.  Mars is action, it is Aries, it is co-ruler of dark mysterious no nonsense Scorpio.  Mars activates you to do things, then think later.

Mars actions aren’t always in the best interest of anyone in the long run.  Mars ignites and burns.  If Mars were in charge, we may burn down a house because there was a spider on the carpet.  Luckily, the mind ((mercury)) and hopefully the higher mind ((uranus)) come into play.  Also some practicality and discipline ((saturn)) along with some optimism ((jupiter)) and a sense that all things are part of a bigger body ((neptune))… but I digress.

During a Mars retrograde, the planet of action becomes seemingly inactive.  We now have time to feel into the burn that stokes our internal desire to be reactive.  Anyone who practices any form of mindfulness understands that a reactive state often creates chaos… thus is Mars.  Mars can be described as the pioneer, but when blocked, challenged, or hindered, Mars becomes the destroyer.

We are now given an opportunity to feel the burn more intensely, and to be present with that burn.  Questions that may arise during this time…

  • Why am I sexually attracted to this person?
  • Why have I been blowing up at people?
  • Why do I feel so angry?
  • Who makes me angry?
  • Why do I love fighting with everything?

Big desires come up during this time…  You may find yourself looking for a fix ((meaning something that can cover up what you are feeling quickly)).  Be careful of overuse of substance during this period, for this is a time of review and, in the end, renewal.  Sobriety is the strongest drug, this is why, in my experience, we seek medicine.  The truth of the world around us is often too harsh and real ((whatever that means)).

Be careful of temptation…

  • sex
  • emotional indulgence
  • self pity
  • overeating
  • emotional eating
  • drama
  • arguing
  • hypercriticism
  • whatever it is that you may have used in the past to cover up the deeper feelings, get real with yourself, no one is watching, feel free to write down some ideas, its your life and no ones judgements mean anything unless you allow them.

We may, during a Mars retrograde, attempt to create our feelings in the outside world ((projection activated)), as taking action on them seems inadvisable and perhaps dangerous ((considering repercussions)).  You may be looking around yourself thinking, “Hey wait, that guy is a total prick!” And while he may be ((we’ve all seen Donald)) You are in a mode where something you used to ignore is up for review.  Again remember, Mars ACTIVATES, this activation is intended to be a teacher, it is ENLIGHTENMENT, not a reason to blow up at the people around you ((thats what politics are for)).

Things you will learn from Mars retrograde ((if you are paying attention))…

  • How you make yourself angry
  • Resentments you hold from the past
  • Self sabotage
  • Deep unacknowledged base desires
  • How to be responsible for oneself
  • You sexual potency



So what do we do with all this?

Be patient, let things unfold…

What you think you know, it’s new to you, and it is fueled by passion and desire and deep drive.  Not a great time for making accusations or long term decisions.  However, it is the ideal time to show people where your boundaries lie.  While they may not be as rigid and sharp after the retrograde, you are better off safe then sorry when it comes to your personal space.  Trust me, anyone you warn right now should be grateful, no one wants to be in the line of Mars fire.

Watch your tongue, it is sharp right now…

When dealing with others, and also internally, choose your words wisely.  There is a fire behind your every action, like someone who is walking around ablaze.  Do not burn bridges unless it is vital to your sanity, safety, and self respect ((and in that case, torch that old rickety thing)).  We must think first, before we talk, because once we are rolling, it is hard to stop the momentum.

Get outside…

How ironic that you read this entire post just to end with the best advice anyone could ever give to us technology junkies ((Hi Facebook friends I’m one too)).  Mars energy is best expressed in nature or through very natural activities #hike #bike #sex ((choose partners wisely #always)).  Just a five minute walk now and then can make you forget why you were so enraged… seriously.

I am bluntly ending the post here, because I will now also go outside and walk, and you should too.  The universe is a big beautiful place, and retrogrades cause us to go further inward, take a moment and expand out into the environment.  Say hi to the fairies and the trees, they love you.


James Ray

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