What is your Foundation? // Mars Retrograde in Action

Beware of gaining your sense of identity through opposing things
This poisons your own temple.
Anything that you build from this momentum will naturally resent itself.
Would you build a home on ground that you found weak and flawed?
Would you use bricks that were 5% sewage?
Would you hire angry despondent uninvested workers?
Mars in retrograde gives us the opportunity to investigate the motivations behind our primal responses.
Whatever the cause you are supporting, gather information about what ‘not to do’ from the opposing or balancing viewpoint.  Use this to fortify your movement.
Hate feeds hate
If you believe that your movement is better on a moral or ethical level, you are playing a dirty game.  Actions are important, and wherever possible, defend yourself from attacks, but your judgements upon others are a vomit spew of ego fragility.
Love IS
Whether you subscribe or not, the world is built on love.  Not romantic sexual love, but a vibration that is ever present and fully sustainable, it is acceptance.
Look around yourself
What is your foundation?
What drives you forward?
What is the motor?
If you are not in accordance, chances are many others are not either.
Anger feeds reactivity
When we are aligned with anger we are inclined to take action.  As opposed to responding, we move reactively, charging forward with the initiative of an excited and willful child.
Feeling is hard
What underlies your judgements and resentments about the world is YOU.
It is a desire to change the world around you to fit your ideals.
Ideals are not always based on high minded motivation.  Some are attempting to create an ‘ideal’ emotional state at all times.  One person’s idealistic world may just be one in which they do not have to feel their own sadness or emotions.
Love is acceptance, fear is resistance.  Think about how strong your resistance must be to a certain stimulus to create an entire revolution 🙂
Make sure you are in touch
Revolutions are happening around the world, based on a clash of ideals.  This is neither good nor bad from the eternal viewpoint, ((however I do not judge the belief that they are good or bad)).
If the goal of a movement is to change what is happening, clear out your gutters first, so that you are primed to create lasting change, as opposed to simply burning away your own hate and anger.  Just to leave the earth scorched and people running for safety and security.
Your time here is sacred
Despite what the world around you, and perhaps your body will want to tell you… YOU ARE ETERNAL.  This, however, does not take away from the experience you are having, it in fact, adds richness.
Try not to float off, you are here for a reason 🙂
Treat every moment as such, and please, for the sake of all things… BE PATIENT WITH THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU!!!
We are in this together, and you are loved, at the very least by this fellow human.

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