Emotional Balance // Detach and Choose your Reality

Chaos has ruled the day.  Honestly, chaos has ruled many many days.  Eclipse patterns, emotional overhauls, relationship debacles, deep psychological rejuvenation.  This has been the name of the game.

Shall we be victims, lie in our holes clutching to a false sense of security in the ‘quiet times’?  Sure, it is easy enough to think ‘whoa is me, things are just too hard to bare’.  This mindset is completely acceptable, if it brings you peace, then I say, go for it.

However, there is another option, one that offers you a deep and resounding peace.  An option that will remind you of your own power and bolster your faith in the universe//YOUniverse.

It is our minds and our encoded belief systems that make any situation appear untenable or negative.  All experiences are, in fact, part of the larger body of experience, part and parcel to God / source / soul.  We are being guided and loved by both the ‘positive and negative’.

I was recently asked this question :: “Do you think there is a balance between sadness and happiness in each person’s life?”  ~ My response was not what I expected…

I do not believe that there would ever be a ‘balance’ between happiness and sadness.  Happiness and sadness are not opposites, they are more similar then one has been told or would initially think.

Both are emotional responses to thoughts, and neither is positive or negative without our associations.  Have you ever felt sad and also felt joy?  Have you ever told a sad friend just to feel it out?  Have you ever felt that being sad is exactly what you needed?

In these cases, sadness is a positive state, one that brings us balance.

Sadness + Acceptance = Peace

Have you ever witnessed a tragedy for another?  Perhaps a rival or someone who has ‘wronged’ you, maybe they fall or fail to reach their goal…  Have you ever felt happy at the sight of someone else’s suffering?

This ‘happy’ feeling is not necessarily positive, although you experience it as such, someone else could easily see that you are being vindictive or seeking revenge.

In this case, happiness is just a feeling that could feed negative patterns.

The point here is that your emotions do not contain the balance for themselves within themselves…  In order to solve a problem, we must remove ourselves from the vibration under which the problem was created.  Emotions are a low and often dense vibration, they are not here to teach us how to live, they are here to guide our intuitive growth.

The single emotional experience is a direction, not a teacher.  If you were listening to your GPS, and it said “in a quarter mile, turn left”, you would turn left, you would trust the guidance.  You would not pull over your car, start eating ice cream, and say “left??? How can I left?  What is left??  I feel so left right now!!!”

When we are sad, it is pointing to something within us that responds with the feeling of sadness to some stimulus.  We are never ‘sad’, we experience sadness, and I am here to tell you, that if you keep choosing that which makes you feel sadness, there will not be a net balance between sadness and happiness.

Sadness with acceptance is where I find my greatest peace, I become grounded and full of presence.  The feeling is contractive and reminds me to be practical and thought out.  Perhaps sadness is an antidote to being overly expanded.

In my experience with clients, those who expand easily into dreams and thoughts of magnificent possibilities also contract strongly at times into bouts of depression, compulsion, and obsession.

This sounds like balance, however, happiness and sadness are not based on the expansion and contraction.  Happiness and sadness are based on the individual response to the situation at hand.

Balance to emotional sates such as happiness and sadness come in detachment.  When we are detached and observe, we are not involved in the emotional chaos.  We can watch, and we can respond in time as opposed to reacting.

Emotions of all types are one in the same, whatever you choose to enjoy or see as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ is based on your personal preferences and past experiences and programming.  They are a chemical reaction in your body.

The emotional body is driven by thoughts.   Try these two quick exercises ::

Read the first photo, then close your eyes and breathe deep, notice what you feel in your body, where is it?  What else does it cause you to think about?


Follow the same with the second photo.


Notice that the same image with different thoughts elicits different reactions within our bodies.  As soon as the thought is changed, the emotional context has also shifted.  The beauty of this small experiment is that you ALWAYS get to decide what is the thought that goes along with your experience.


At the end of the day, your peace and joy come down to owning yourself and your reality, which one of these seems more like you?

You have a choice in all situations, how are you making use of it?  Are you convincing the ether around you that you are a victim of circumstance and are begrudgingly attempting to paste a smile across your face?

Or are you flowing in the infinite, complex, yet uncomplicated experience of life?

You have the power to choose, you are choosing at each moment.  Giving up your choice is a choice.


Many times in my life, I have found myself at the end of my own sword, crying and blaming anything and anyone around me.  I carried a forlorn and bleak outlook.  Somewhere inside I believed that this would bring me salvation.  As sick as it may sound, I believed that the world was out to get me.  I walked in this place, I fought the ‘system’, I hated the ‘enemy’.  I didn’t like my job, I didn’t like my emotional space, I didn’t like my ex or my home.

The beauty here is the universal love I was offered.  Never once did the universe attempt to stop me and say “Stop being a victim, this is not permissible”.  In fact, the universe supported me by assisting in manifesting my reality.

My belief systems were running rampant on the ether around me as I kept going through waves of heartache and disappointment in finances, health, and relationships.  I saw all of these things as ‘bad’ because that was my reference point.  Now, in fact, I see how all of these experiences were ‘good’.

I was being supported in my intentions… and this, my friends, is at the core of my message.


What do I mean by Universe, Source, God? — The energy that assists you in manifestation.

Whatever it is that you seek, is created by holding the matching vibration in your frequency.  In other words, the things that hang around in your mind, in your actions, in your environment, in your emotional body.

Out of all of these, thoughts are by far the most powerful.  Nelson Mandela comes to mind in this example.  His environment was confinement but his thoughts were in Source creating bliss and peace.  Therefore his thoughts and mental discipline were able to transcend the physical reality of being imprisoned.

Want to be filled with negative emotions?  Just think about something and send it negativity, you will immediately become a beacon of negative feelings.

Want to be filled with positive emotions? Think about someone and send them love and positive blessings.


Want to transform?

  • Think about someone or something that really gets to you, that causes you considerable pain and trial.  What kinds of feelings does this elicit within you?  Where is it in your body?  ((really get into it))
  • Now imagine the history of all things that have occurred, imagine the depth and scale of the universe, consider how far you have come from the moment you were born.  ((let yourself expand))
  • Finally come back to that person, place, or thing that has been causing you consternation.  Think about yourself, transcending this situation, loving this person, letting go of this thing.  You are free, you are loved, you are perfectly placed at the precipice of Soul growth.  As you float off to your next trial and destination, imagine that person waving goodbye to you and blowing you kisses, wishing you well on your journey, as you do the same in return.


Life really is what you make of it.  Despite all of the physical ‘realities’ we face, which are often extremely challenging and painful, we are in charge of our inner world, which is the generator!!

Peace and Blessings to all of you.  Be kind to yourself and others, and remember to hold only that which you desire in your energy and mind.  It may be challenging, but trust me, it is worth it.

XxxX, James

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