Parenting the Ego :: Trust your Soul Path

The ego is easily confused  ::  The ego requires parenting

The ego believes that it is the center of the universe, which is, in fact, truth.

Your awareness is the center of your experience and your world

View the ego as a child with unlimited access to gifts, but the inability to know how to properly use them with moderation and awareness of anything other then the self.

Be the parent, let your soul guide your parenting.

Choose your thoughts and actions wisely, if you are feeling charged or emotional, do not make big decisions….

Wait and breathe, give yourself a break, stop being in a hurry to get somewhere.

Unless you have peace where you are, you have nothing to gain from moving.  Children need boundaries and support, love yet also room to explore.  They need permission to make mistakes, and if this is not given, they become self destructive and self loathing.  They become fear ridden and hide their light.

Be the best parent to you ego, he/she needs it.

Your soul does not require parenting, your life path will unfold in front of you as you show faith in your spirit and the unseen forces around you.

Delving too deeply into the how and why of a situation may be fascinating, but it can lead to some dangerous alleys and unexpected and unnecessary challenges.

Choose wisely my dear ones.


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