Healing from Depression :: Empower don’t Enable

I was diagnosed with depression at age 11.  I still recall the therapist drawing two neurotransmitter and trying to explain how my receptors weren’t functioning accurately.  In my head I just kept thinking ((as I always did)), when can I leave here and have my mom by me some McDonald’s on the way home.  From that point forward, my impressionable and sensitive little scientific mind watched ME.  I did my best to figure out how I was ‘broken’.
‘Jamie’ in Catholic School
Ironically, after one year on the medication, I was swiftly taken off for untold reasons ((why we lie to kids about things is silly to me)).  In my twenties I was told that it was because I was showing the signs of being a potential suicide risk ((a side effect of the medication)).  Who is running our society?? LOL.
I have ((I hope obviously)) come a long way since then.  I am confident, I care very little about what others think, while caring a ton about how they are doing and whether they feel loved.  I take amazing self care and have taught myself to cook the healthiest and most amazing food.  I seek the types of experiences that open my heart to the world, and am always on the lookout for my own enabling of negative patterns.
In the end, what I have learned ((and I am only 34 — more to come)) is that I am in charge and responsible for my own inner space, and that my body and mind has unlimited potential for healing.
The heart of the matter…
The only true cure for anxiety, depression, and low self esteem is self empowerment and action. This can be challenging in a state of depression and anxiety, so it is understandable if one cannot immediately find the trigger to start acting and empowering oneself.
Therefore it is important to look at your coping mechanisms.  If they make us less inclined to take action or be empowered, then they are enabling and compounding the problem, in the best case scenario buying us time.
If they lead us towards action and empowerment, then they are true medicine…
Exercise works well because it is by it’s nature active and em’power’ing.
Being in nature works, it encourages social activity and engaging positive vibrations and physical activity.  It empowers our core, our reptilian center concerned with survival and circadian rhythms.
Being in nature almost instantaneously cures depression.
Meditation and medicine do not always do this.  However, if they can create a peaceful place in which you take action, then they are helpful.  But if they are used to simply ‘be okay’ with the state of sadness and depression and anxiety, then they enable and enhance the issue.  It is disempowerment, because you are giving your power to the medicine.
In the end, this is a very complicated and, by it’s nature, sensitive topic.  Do what works for you and reach out to others when in need, trust me when I say this that there are angels around you at all times waiting to assist.
‘Unclutching’ as a technique for relieving mental and physical anguish…
Here is a wonderful teacher, discussing the idea of ‘unclutching’ begin this video at 1:05:30 and watch for 2 to 3 minutes, he offers a wonderful example of how to let go.
Depression is a symptom of false belief systems…

Depression is caused by negative and improper belief systems.  These belief systems may have come from any number of experiences or simple social programming. Over time we believe these things, and our brain chemistry can actually change.  It is the equivalent of eating the wrong food ((if we eat garbage, our bodies will feel like garbage)).  In the same way, if we are living off of insufficient self love through our thoughts, our physiology will be affected.  Therefore a diagnosis of depression is not ‘wrong’, however, the secret is not to own the diagnosis, it is to use the diagnosis as a hint or helpful reminder that our belief systems are affecting our physiology.
Not always this happy, but joy is available at all moment

Eat the most vibrant mental and emotional food you can find.  There are thousands if not millions of resources for positive, supportive, and open hearted exploration of self and reality.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM!! TAKE ACTION!!  www.12radio.com <– hint hint

You are loved, so loved that the universe and God will not intervene in your choices… If you believe that someone is going to swoop down from a cloud and save you, THIS IS AS CLOSE AS YOU WILL GET.  Take responsibility for your situation and love yourself through action.
Whatever it takes, go outside, call a friend, get some exercise.  And please, expose yourself to positive information and loving individuals.  May the power be with you.   XxxxX


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