What if… // Entrain Yourself to Abundance

“It’s not about adjusting reality in order to get to the end result.  It’s about the fun of the adjustment.” ~ Abraham Hicks


What if…you had twice as much money as you have right now?

What if…you had the relationship of your dreams, and appreciated it as such?

What if…the earth was healing, and she was rejoicing beneath your feet?

What if…you were high on life, stoned on love, and intoxicated with your soul?

What if…tomorrow never came, because it doesn’t need to come, because NOW is perfect?

What if…you were supported by  God, by source, by light, by your cells, by your guides, in all ways, at all times?

What if…you were in charge of your reality, and you owned this power with perfect ease?

Worry is the negative aspect of imagination.  We cannot always be fully present in all moments, however hard we try.  Our minds float and seek alternate realities.  Use this gift to imagine the beautiful, the good, the magnificent.  Every time you notice yourself worrying ((using negative imagination)) simply shift to a magical land of possibilities.

What if…your favorite team won the world series?

What if…your grandson received a full scholarship to his choice college?

What if…the enemies of your past are the best friends of your future?

It was once told to me “a weapon is just a tool used in a dangerous way”.  Your mind has many tools, one of them is imagination.  Will you use this ‘tool’ as a ‘weapon’?  Or will you use it as an agent of manifestation and growth towards healing and oneness?

What if…you were already whole, and you were just remembering that point, at every moment?

What if…the sun was always shining in your heart?

What if…your pain is an experience bringing you closer to your soul’s purpose here on Earth?

What if…your soul’s purpose is to BE, and not to DO?

Deliberate and intentional living is the simplest and most direct path to happiness.  Not all moments will be of the same quality, no matter how disciplined you are.  However, being intentional, and taking advantage of your natural gifts will keep you in perfect alignment with the wonderment of manifestation possibilities.

What if…you already knew all of this, and I have just jogged your memory?


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