Why Your Head is Exploding // Eclipse Cycle :: March 2016

The new moon in Pisces and solar eclipse occurred at 19 degrees Pisces on March 8 2016.  This is the beginning of a period where we can feel as if the sun doesn’t exist.  Think of it this way… if at the inception of any project or life event, there occurred a stunningly unusual and poignant feeling or perception of the world or reality, it may in fact have  profound impact on us until the next death-rebirth cycle or impactful event.  For this specific instance, the stunningly unusual and poignant feeling was that – and keep in mind simultaneously – the moon was empty ((new moon)) and the sun did not exist ((eclipse – I know it’s a stretch, but so is ‘reality’)).

So for these two weeks until the Lunar Eclipse, we are walking in a cosmic soup (Pisces) that is rich with darkness – yes rich with darkness, a thicker version of the ocean, hot and sour soup for the soul if you will, drink in the pisces gravy, it is your current ether.  You may feel a bit groggy, clogged up, thirsty and hungry at the same time.  Remember that Pisces is mutable ((changes all the time)) water ((feelings, emotions, intuition, cleansing, fear)) and that the shifts of water can affect the deep inner passions.  When the tide rolls into your heart, it may extinguish that flame – or appear to.  Thus adding to the emotional depth of the time.

Your heart can never be extinguished, the flame that burns inside of you is in no way mutable.  It is your internal pilot light, sparked upon your birth, the gas; your soul flowing through you.

Keep this in mind, because the next impactful event is coming, and it is not the eclipse… It is actually the Spring Equinox.  Let’s talk a bit about this…

Calculate the exact time of the 0 degrees Aries // Spring Equinox in your area

For the US, you will feel this energy most potently on Saturday the 19th.  ((another interesting side note, Spring comes extra early this year – at least according to the calendar – because of leap year, we just pulled everything back 24 hours, by 2019 it will be on the 20th and closer to the 21st.))

The Spring Equinox is the moment when the sun enters the sign of Aries, and it also marks the beginning of a new zodiac cycle.  Aries is birth, it is the sprout, it is Spring ((more or Aries in a future post)).

The more important sign to consider here is actually Pisces :: read my open to Pisces for more depth on the final sign of the Zodiac -> Here come the Fishes // Dear Pisces… Pisces is the final sign in the Solar Zodiac cycle, and this eclipse pattern happens almost exactly on the last two weeks of the Solar Cycle.  This 365 day cycle is coming to a rousing conclusion ((and I imagine if your year was anything like mine your head is spinning)) and just to be safe, we are going through an extra spin cycle ((eclipses)) right at the finish.

This lineup is the equivalent of running a marathon, and at mile 25, you decide to sprint uphill while talking on the phone with your therapist about your childhood.


Flashes of insight, painful memories coming back to you, there is just something about deeply held trauma that has no chance of being held any longer in this cycle.  Yay, celebration!!!  A beautiful sobering celebration full of sobbing and relief??

You are being incubated in the cosmic soup, this is the embryonic fluid of creation, are you resting my dear ones?

No one awakens from such a deep slumber and meditation and goes straight to work, but trust me, the equinox will awaken your body and your senses to the possibilities and passions of life ((god bless Aries)).

However, this is quite a deep death we have all experienced as a collective consciousness.  We have thrown our egos to the side as they create an awful amount of resistance while deep path of Piscean and eclipse inspired movement of our soul.

The realizations you have had, the densities that you have encountered, they will soon experience buoyancy.  Our enlightenment is a constant process that can never be taken away, it is an impossibility.  The road is not one of lightness and humor, it is a superhighway of all things, no experience, real or imagined, will be left out.

Expect to awaken with clear eyes and windshields.  This upcoming spring and solar year will be one of clarity, as we stare truth in the face we engage the planet Pluto fully.  As she resides in Capricorn, expect the truths revealed to be connected to government and the faulty ways in which our systems and overarching structures are being run ((#electionyear)).  Are there poisonous beliefs within the structure of your subconscious?  Are there habits in the structure of your day that are poisoning your body?  You will undoubtedly, in this upcoming year, be faced with the dual threat of understanding how you block yourself, and seeing how the world around you mirrors this through it’s sometimes “less then perfect structures”.  Check out my Calendar Year in Preview for 2016 Psychic Astrologer James Ray :: 2016 “Year in Preview”.

Almost wake up time, don’t worry, cosmic coffee on the way

In Summary… Two cups of coffee and a season to play…

This slumber and darker place is coming to an end, the sun is back in full force as Aries on the 19th/20th.  Immediately after this, the Sun reminds us of it’s power as it illuminates the full moon on the 23rd.  Alas, your two cups of coffee.

As you wake up, the springtime energy and fire of Aries will continue to enliven you and bring much needed transformational and inspirational ((fire)) energy to your deep realizations from the previous year and eclipse cycle.  So… to put it nicely, all is well my friends, and it only gets better from here.

In the meantime, keep it chill.  Go to a spa, get some sunshine, talk with people who make you feel good about yourself, and sleep, play comes soon.


James Ray


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  1. Thankyou so much! I am in the Southern hemisphere and so entering the Autumn equinox so I guess similar energy is bombarding me but much different also xx my head does feel like exploding , mythird eye feels about yo pop!

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