Welcome to Cancer // You love You :: 6.20.16

give a gift
then let it go
receive a gift
then move on
welcome to Cancer
let it flow
we have more then enough
and ironically
we seem to need a bit from each important person we cross
remember that “family” is whom you choose
not the nuclear family you were born into
if you would like to exclude someone from sed family
do it with grace and move on
do not downgrade yourself and them by explaining why they do not fit your paradigm… honestly, no one cares to hear your excuse
just move on
plenty of fish in the sea
no need to catch and release
and catch and release
only to realize later on that it was YOUR mouth being hooked
the love you seek is just around the corner
feel free to ignore the advertisements and charming salespeople alone the way
they are simply putting on a show, you don’t need that channel anyway
you are the remote control, exercise this function within your being.
you are an overflowing dam
that which you hold will spill onto others
best to express as soon as you can center yourself
and if you cannot center
find a safe space and spin out of control
self care is about about allowing the ugly to be on display without apology
those who mock you do not deserve your time
those who reveal themselves in return are your “family”
with love
be love
softly and sweetly
stay home when you want
and when you leave your home, take something with you that you love
the crab carries its shell, not only as it’s home, but as a form of energetic protection
you are extra sensitive these days, perhaps even a bit “crabby”
keep your home and energy field clean in order to be able to receive
when the bountiful gifts come flooding your way.
all the best in all ways at all times
do the embarrassing self care stuff
there is no time to waste
because the moment is all we have
wanna throw that away??
Much love

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