:: You are a Warrior of Light :: Where the Ego meets the Soul ::

When we encounter challenge, from the major to the most minor, we are asked to be the motivation for our own triumphant self expression.

Every piece of stimuli you are taking in…  Look around right at this moment, listen to the sounds, notice the light, uncover your emotional body and feel the environment pressing on your energy field.  This is where you meet your outside world.

From this vantage point, it is not difficult to understand that you, as a being, are animating the ether around you.  At some point, both physically and energetically, there is a wall, boundary, or border.  The battles that we face on these walls, boundaries, and borders helps define and shape our perception of reality.

Do we meet the ‘outside’ world with loving kindness?

Do we meet the ‘outside’ world with fear and anger?

Depending upon the stimulus, you could have an infinite number of approaches.  Discussing all options of possible situations and preparing oneself for both the best and the worst scenario can be exhausting and confusing.  This approach leaves us scrambling to find center in a state of fight or flight.

You can never really change the outside world.  Some of the strongest people in our known history havwe tried their damnedest and only to be forgotten.

Where your control lies is within your inner world.  Through shaping your internal reality, you strengthen your resolve to be YOU.  The warrior is not a fighter, and the warrior is not a quitter or loser.  The warrior is an observer and a chooser of their reality.  The warrior lives to fight another day and chooses their battles wisely.

Your Inner Warrior Needs You…

Perhaps there lies at your core, the belief that you are here to help humanity in some grand fashion.  Perhaps in your heart of hearts you would sacrifice your livelihood to help another in need.  Perhaps that is your calling and your highest service.

Whether this is true or not, I am here to plead that you reconsider your approach to helping…

When we are babies, without the assistance of a mother (or at least a maternal nurturing figure) we would perish.  We are vulnerable and noticeably affected by our environment.  While we grow into larger bodies with apartments, homes, pets, and children, all we have really done is acclimated to this harsh and often dangerous environment (this is not to say there isn’t love to be shared and enjoyed).

The world becomes a different place where you are not protected by another physical being, you may in fact now be responsible for the seeming protection of other physical beings.  The tables have turned, and your constant efforts to assert yourself will pay off for all of those in your psychic and physical field.

Beyond the illusion of the outer world (job, romance, children, drama, and pleasure), lies an inner world rich with the dynamic interplay of ego and soul.  Each opportunity to make a move on the cosmic chess board can be separated into either a Soulful response or an Egoic reaction.  Not to say that one is ‘better’ then the other, however it would be juvenile to ignore that response and reaction have inherent natural consequences.

That is to say, the chain of events triggered by ego reactivity is naturally different from the events triggered by a soulful response.

To be coming from the ego is to be threatened and fearfully driven.  The underlying beliefs you are reinforcing are those of separation, competition, and an overall lack mindset.  Ego reactions see the world as a tool or a weapon to be used to take and gain.  This mindset and state of being contains a discordant vibration and cannot (by its nature) create peace and harmony.  Ego driven reactions lead to expectations and attachment.  The ego needs to be right to continue to survive, the ego is finite as it defines itself by outer circumstances.  Victim mentality is a natural byproduct of ego reactions to situations.

In Defense of Ego // The ego is a necessary part of human life.  The ego allows us to be a competent being in society.  Ego reminds me of where I end and where others begin.  The ego is the playing board, and through interaction with others ego allows me to see the ins and outs of our dynamic interplay.  Through believing that we are separate, ego offers us a ‘safe’ space to be small and ‘feel’ protected.  The ego is not inherently bad and in fact it is ‘of God’ and therefore is holy.  When I speak of egoic reactions, I am referring to the negative aspects of the ego experience.

On the other hand, soulful responses are based on an unconditionally loving mindset.  The soul sees no separation between you and I.  The soul experiences the connectedness of all things.  The soul sees the flow of life and understands that all interactions are perfectly aligned and timed.  The soul view will take stock in the good or positive in all situations, be they joyful or tragic, it is all one continuum of growth and life experience.  Soulful response leads to an opening and receiving from the world.  When life is viewed from this perspective we are catapulted towards rapid spiritual growth, as we release the need to identify with the lower vibration energies or distrust, paranoia, and we switch our overall lack mindset to one of unlimited abundance for all.  The soul doesn’t feel the need to fix or edit, simply to observe with loving kindness and harmonic peace.

These two complimentary forces will take hold form time to time.  Despite our best efforts to do this that or the other, there are times when the outer world wins and we need to retreat and cut our losses.

Each day is a battle to stay above water, we are immersed in the experience of life, in all it’s triumphant glory and tragic surprises.  There must be a way to separate oneself from the experience whilst maintaining a loving connection to God, Source, all-that-is.

The key, my friends, is to be cohesive within, thus reinforcing the loving connection between all things external.

This is why I beg of you, make peace with the self, in all things, at all times.  Whatever you may have done or not done in the past… release it to the ether.  Whomever you have loved and lost, or befriended and now hate… release it to the ether.  Wherever you think you ‘should be’ “should have been’ ‘should have done’… release this, as well, to the energy around you.  Allow these feelings and attachments, these emotions and these waves to pour out of you, over the landscape of earth to be recycled as clean, pure, positive soul energy.

Surround yourself with light…  Mentally, stay strong and hold positive dreams and thoughts.  Emotionally, allow for the flow, be informed by your feelings, guided by their messages, but never disempowered by their intensity… this too shall pass.  Phsycially, how are the people around you?  What are you eating?  What is in your environment, does it feel nourishing?  Spiritually, call forth the strength, summon the power of the eternal infinite multiple times a week, day, hour.  Spirit guides are real, and however cheesy it may sound, you just have to ask and be ready to receive.

In the end, whatever is your goal… NOTHING, nothing at all can be accomplished if YOU (the center of YOUR YOUniverse) are not properly taken care of and aligned with your intention.

Despite the attempts to entrain us that SELFishness is bad, I stand here and I tell you, once again, SELFishness is not inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’, in fact, it is part of God, to know thyself and provide for oneself.  Whether you see a man on a cloud or a spiraling vortex of infinite energy, God is selfish with guilt, and selfless without resentment.  We are exploring the ins and outs of US, we are the only proper stewards capable of maintaining our bodies, minds, and souls.

What will you do with your self exploration?  Whatever you choose, start from your heart, and nurture that warrior that is as much a Jedi as they are an infant within the bosom of God.

Xx, James Ray

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  1. You are wise beyond your years James. This was such a timely message for me, as just this morning I was studying to emotionalize the Law of Detachment, and grasp the concept of setting my intention using detached involvement to let the flow of life take me where it will. It is a miracle that those “walls” are sometimes there to redirect us, because our planning is not as sufficient as the Universe’s. And other times they are there to show us where we need to heal so we can go with the flow. Much Love, Light and Peace!

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