7.7.16 // Pluto Oppose Sun :: Authority meets Personal Expression

Pluto in Capricorn, jeesh…  A generational experience, bringing into focus the truth and depth of the overarching structures of our lives.  Government, in all it’s good and all it’s corruption on display.  Is it any wonder that the vitality and purpose driven energy of the sun is illuminating the ills of the police state in all it’s non-glory.

Perhaps you were never allowed to tell your full story, perhaps you are given something and then it is immediately taken away, perhaps your disdain has turned into a lifestyle and now you are facing the consequences of accepting a hateful and spiteful view of the world, religion, politics, money, etc…

The only peace found in this time aligns with the energy of being the calm in the storm.  Things are rearranging, in your home, in your family, in your body, in your finances, in your job title and position.  Expect a little topsy turvy energy.  Things take time to shift.  If you truly wanted to rearrange everything at a deep core level, it would be helpful to shake up the “snow globe” if you will, prior to restructuring the core values, principles and thought processes.

Lessons on this day are plentiful and full of deep truths, perhaps some hard to observe, but somehow easier then usual ((that’s why they are here today)).

Get it and get on with it, says the energy this day.  I too, agree with these sentiments, today is all business in dealing with deeply emotional issues.

Today will GRILL you #plutoBBQ and show you how YOU are creating the madness.  Today does not offer solutions but REsolutions.  We are offered the important information necessary to reframe our view of “how we got here”.

Exercise for the day :: As the Sun illuminates Pluto from a somehow simultaneously detached and emotionally aware viewpoint ((thanks Cancer)).

  1. Dig deep, feel that part of your body below your navel and above your thighs… yes the lower gut, yes the sexual organs, yes the root chakra.  There are certain imbalances, they are quite clear this day to see.  Breathe into this part of your body, let the prana energy flow, release control, self judgement, and feelings of guilt… TAKE AS LONG AS YOU NEED.
  2. What came up for you?  What GROUNDED and PRACTICAL issues lie in this space?  Write these things down…NOW 🙂
  3. One at a time, go through these current issues or challenges.  Where do you place your blame or celebration?  Write down who/what you assign to each situation… 🙂
  4. If any of these issues are blamed on anything other then YOU, ask forgiveness.  Repeat to each being or structure or ideology “Please forgive me, I love you unconditionally, and I thank you for this lesson” ((This is a shortened version of a longer practice -> Huna Forgiveness Prayer))
  5. Reassign the responsibility to oneself.  Find a way to see how YOU have created and manifested all of the items on your list.  It is helpful to write it down.
  6. Ask for assistance from your angels, guides, friends and family.  We all have our own way to do this, no way is wrong.  Be at peace and sit with the supportive energy.

This practice will undoubtedly bring you a deeper sense of alignment with self and empowerment through high minded responsibility for your state in this reality.  May you be blessed with the deepest of peace and the smoothest of transitions.

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