Embracing Self Love :: Free Class Download and Exciting Announcements

This is a free gift to you, my reader, I appreciate your follows and your shares and your likes and your comments.  In this recording I try to give you a little more insight into what I do and how I share my love.  Blessings XxXx

Download the class here… Own the Power of Self Love … here is the handout that goes along with the class Own the Power of Self Love Handout.

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*****EXCITING NEWS******

Many things to be excited about, I will begin leading live classes on 12academy.com in the weeks and months to come.  If there is a specific topic you seek to know about, whether it is astrology, spirituality, or any and all things mindfulness, please comment here or you can find me always at 12listen.com.

Finally and most exciting, I will be airing my first live radio show on 12radio “Starman Speaks” will be airing at 12PM Pacific 3PM Eastern on Friday July 22 2016.


Within the show you will have the opportunity to call in and get a reading from James.  I will be talking about the movement of the stars, the movement of my life, and the dance that is existence.  My goal is to make the spiritual insights that come so naturally to me, into practical and entertaining advice.  We will have special guests and will be airing every Friday @ this time Noon Pacific 3PM Eastern.

Can’t make it at the time?  Well you are in luck, all shows will be archived, and you can bet your behind that I will let you know about what’s going on with “Starman Speaks”.

It is really you that makes all of this meaningful, otherwise I would just be writing letters to myself ((which by the way is a great practice in self awareness and acceptance)).

Blessings to all of you and I am excited to share more.

XXxxxXX James Ray XXxxxXX

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