Where to Focus?

Your love, compassion, and heartfelt sensitivity is a tremendous gift…. Keep it. Don’t give it away so freely. Make people earn it. Never give it to the media, which has an agenda. The stories you hear are just that, stories. You don’t know the truth. God bless video, which can bring us closer to the reality. But the truth is only present for those involved.
Your life, that is where you are always involved and YOU can see TRUTH. If there were ever a better reason to hug your neighbors, family, and friends, I haven’t seen it in my lifetime.

Thank you for not being scary. Thank you for holding safe space for me. Thank you for allowing me to spew and to purge. It’s not about you, but also not possible without you. 👌🏼🌟✨

We are doing good work, we are resisting the status quo, this is who we are. You understand that not everything is a tragedy, and that often tragedies are ignored, continued, and forgotten.

Bring me peace and I will offer peace in return. Love is unconditional, and you have no permission to expect or receive anything else. I embrace my full responsibility to decide for myself what is right and wrong, knowing 100% that I will make mistakes. I experience my life via these pathways, and I require no individual or group to protect me.  

I have no ill will with other countries, their leaders, their character, their people, their Olympic competitors. This is real, my feet are on the same earth as yours. Where your mind takes you is your business, here on the earth, we work together, never forget that.

For the rest of my time here, I desire the best for myself and everyone around me. I know that this is possible. I trust that it is possible, that through effort and communication, we the people create the highest potential as peaceful a global society.

We share with the world the best of what we are, that’s who we are, full potential with zero limitation. Divine expression.

Do your best, forgive yourself, move on, let go. Peace be with you always.


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