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Wondering if who was president has ever actually had an impact on my life.
Of course we can blame the events that happen on the elected official in office during that time, but perhaps those events needed to transpire, perhaps there is no end game in blaming or in honoring an elected official. And these troubling and ecstatic situations are a manifestation of the collective unconscious.
Having the nation’s first black president was an important moment. Regardless of my hesitation to trust the system in any way shape or form, regardless of promises and policies and ongoing wars around the world, it is downright monumental to have been alive and been part of the first president that isn’t white.
As I look at and the election, I can say that I was duped into the ideology of hope and change by the Obama campaign, although I appreciate all forward momentum and positive shifts, the administration had it wings clipped quickly and was stymied by old racist white men in both the house and senate and slowed by the glaringly obvious power of money and corporations. All that being said, how important for our country to have a non white president who shows not only class but an incredibly sharp tongue and undeniable charisma. I’m proud of that part, even if it’s just a figurehead, we were able to, as a collective consciousness here in this country, have someone elected who just a few generations ago would have not been able to vote. 
So, with similar sentiments, I look now to Hillary. However she ends up in the position, legality and conspiracy and corruption aside, it’s pretty damn important that we are seemingly facing our first ever female president. That alone, and I hate to admit it because I would love to see more integrity out of any and all elected officials ((perhaps more an indictment of the system then an indictment of HRC)), this would be another monumental step towards bridging the egregious and unacceptable gap between men and women in this country and globally.
I have no interest in defining myself as a man. Of course my gender is what it is, and with that comes specific tendencies and innate gifts, I see this and respect it. But I am not the patriarchy, I am not defined by my genitalia, facial hair, musculature or depth of voice. I will never accept specific treatment because of my gender or my race ((yes I know I am a white male)).  I am not responsible for what other white men have done, I take full responsibility for my actions in this life and will share my gifts and privileges to enrich the lives of others, regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender orientation.

I do not think that politics in this country can change overnight, despite the hope that was offered to me by Senator Bernie Sanders ((bless his Virgo heart)). But I do look forward to, when it happens, having a female president, what a nice way to say ‘f#ck off’ to all of the men and women who still subscribe to old world gender beliefs and stereotypes.
Perhaps then I can feel even more comfortable barefoot in the kitchen, running a bath for my lover with essential oils, and baby sitting for my friends 💖🌟💖🌟💖🌟
Look at the bigger picture friends, sit down and talk with people, let them express, and let’s look forward to the positive aspects of this monumental shift that, to me, seems likely if not imminent.
There is one man’s name I did not mention, I suggest you follow suit. You know who I mean, let’s just ignore him, like you would do with a large orange child seeking negative attention.
One love xxx

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