New moon in Leo :: Mercury into Virgo

New moon exact 4:40 pm EST August 2nd

Summer peace meets inner voice…What role will you play? Will you battle the urge to overthink? Will you observe the voice and offer tranquility and acceptance?

Whatever influence rises up during this new moon, remember that you are not obligated to engage something simply because it is loud or opinionated.

New moons are a great time to kick off a new project, making plans to start something? What can you do today to get them moving? Is it as easy as writing something on a schedule or calendar?

Habits loom as Mercury enters Virgo and we may feel a bit too at ease, beware of causing trouble for yourself #nomoredrama

Virgo Mercury is like a full body workout for the mind, neither a sprint nor a marathon, but you WILL see results.

Blessed be those who are of service… What do you bring to humanity? Working in a field that doesn’t satisfy you could prove unusually challenging for the next few weeks. You are looking to provide more of a positive influence to the earth and community these days.

Returning back to the womb of the new moon, remember that decisions made from an emotional place do not create terra firma for manifestation and building, they are shifty by nature. Best to do some research into why you are triggered and where you may find space to empower oneself. Find the fire.

Hope is knowing there is light amidst the total darkness.

You can’t believe everything that you hear, whether it’s your inner voice or a voice on the television. Remember both of these things.

Make a wish new mooners… 

How can you be more brave? Does it involve courageous acts of self love???

Write it down on a piece of paper…

Burn it…safely…of course…

Release that wish to the ether with perfect love trust and detachment.

Your support is much appreciated

James Ray, Psychic Astrologer Advisor with 12Listen

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