Lonely?… Feel more connected now 

The ties that bind us together have more to do with emotional undercurrent then with nationality race and ethnicity ((which are made up ideas – like judging food differently depending on what aisle it came from even if the ingredients are 99.99% identical))

This emotional undercurrent tears at us, overwhelms us and more often then not highly influences our choices and opinions via the power it holds over our subconscious patterning.

Want to get closer to a feeling of interconnectedness with others?

Start looking at the underlying emotional patterns in your life. Take some time and be alone, what comes up for you? Who do you become fixated upon? What issues rise to the surface?  

These issues are your version of the collective emotional wave being run through a high powered mental filter, enlivened and influenced at every step by your individual soul energy.

The connection to others is so deep that in order to escape this you would have to live in an illusionary state where the laws physically and mentally separate you from others ((sounds like most of our countries and schools))

Being graded and having titles may be essential for a very small part of an efficient large society to run smoothly with minimal breakdowns… But for the lords sake, these should never be used to decipher the value of another being or to decide how much of a specific resource they will have access to.

You are connectedness to your brothers and sisters. Deal with it, by acknowledging your vulnerability, which is built on the same emotional engine as all other living beings on this big beautiful planet. That’s the spirit connection speaking to us.


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