Welcome to Virgo // Love is Real

Love is real, and it can be explored in innumerable ways.

We find ourselves daily in situations that test our ability to see the good in things.  We are consistently tested as to how much light we can hold and share with the world and ourselves.  Wherever we are, whatever time it is, it really makes no difference, the test is the same…. to choose.

As we step into the realm of the virgo mind, mars now has finally finished its dance with Saturn.  A dance that took a wild turn April 17th and did not find it’s resolution until August 23rd.  As with most events, there is an aftermath, if you find yourself angry, confused, delirious, apathetic, despondent, or even manic, this, my friends, IS the cleanup.

What is there to say to someone who has been pushed beyond their discernible limits?  Do we simply smash our heads against the dashboard as our airbags fail to deploy?  Can we separate our minds from out hearts for a minute, just long enough for the system to refresh ((can you let the system crash?)).

We all require a reboot now and then, and you certainly aren’t going to find that in hate and fear.  We are refreshed and reborn via acts of loving kindness…

Oh to float in the fantasy with magical mantras and affirmations of late sixties flower child rhetoric.  We are more than that, the world is changing, there is competition for space, prayers and well wishes are not enough, we require concrete inspiration and action.

Love is everywhere ::animal_couples_in_love_5

Sit down, take a deep breath.  Love is the expression of BEingness.  Even acts of hate are misguided acts of love.  It has been said by individuals wiser then I, “In order to hate someone/something you must love them just as intensely” Love IS the force that allows for the expression of self, therefore all acts are acts of love.  Love is the building blocks.

Love is always the answer ::

Will love pay my bills?  Will love defend my home from intruders?  Will love feed me when I’m hungry?  The answer to all of these, in fact, is yes, and it’s all about perspective.  You can’t write “Love” in the note section on a check whose account has zero balance, duh.  However, in order to problem solve, to find that peaceful mind wherein lies the inspiration to transcend suffering, you must show yourself Love.  Weave together the judgement, the pain, the sorrow, the agony, the…. well you get the point.  What bonds us, as humans?  What bonds you to your children?  To your pets?  The answer is love.  Duty, honor, integrity, these concepts and there expression stem from love.

In most cases, however sadly for empaths and self-designated healers and seers, the reality is that the love is not to be shown to others, but to SELF.  Love is multifaceted, most languages use multiple words to differentiate between different forms of love, the branches of the loving tree, if you will.  We however, are left with this one iconic word LOVE.

When the sun and other planetary bodies are in the sign of virgo, expect to see love’s power.  Whether it is the power of love, or the impact of love’s lack.

Can you…Will you…Are you… love?  Judgement, discernment, and a bit of constructive criticism are some amazing tools to have in your bag, but without love, without presence and acceptance, these tools are too easily used as weapons.

Put down your arms :: A Virgo season call to action and channeling on Love

“Put down your arms, that is to say, put up your guard.  Defend yourself from the onslaught of observation and critique.  The hands of a true master are always ready to take action, yet they are so well practiced and disciplined that others would be foolish to challenge them.

Can you find the space within yourself, where your mind, when peeking down the dark alley of self abuse, turns meekly back to you and says “we should probably head back home now”.

Can you find the space to parent your inner child so well, that you can release the grip and allow them to explore the world, knowing that they too shall find their way.

Believe it or not, the whvirgoole world thinks just like you, and they are doing their damnedest to find the proper venues for the expression of their soul’s progress.  There is no right or wrong from this vantage point.  This does not mean that we should be callous and irreverent to the lives of others, but it does mean that your judgement of others is highly inappropriate and unnecessary.  This type of judgement will only sharpen the sword of self abuse, leading you down darker alleys with stronger “enemies”.

These enemies are not from outside, they are from within, a manifestation of your projected beliefs out on to the world around you.  You can very easily become the demon, the imaginary dragon emanates from your creative space.  When you battle your self created enemies, you must summon strength within yourself, becoming stronger and more present.  Little do you know that you are also empowering the so called “enemy”.  Imagine pressing down the gas pedal to escape the sound of a raging engine…

The key my friends is to observe these battles, you are BLESSED, you are privy to the inner world in a way that we are not always able to see.  You have been destroying yourself with expectations and outmoded belief patterns concerning accomplishments and status.  You have tore down partners and friendships, all in the name of CONTROL.  Let…that…shit…go…

We are not here to battle with others, please we beg of you, do not look to the outside world for your answers.  Whenever you need a boost, take a deep breath, say a prayer, go for a run, whatever is your method, and then look inside, have you not just found the key to your own happiness and peace?  It can be as easy as a headstand or to scream into a pillow, shift the perspective when you need it, you have the power.

As we leave you on this beautiful day on planet Earth, we remind you… Life is here to be explored and lived, your body is a vessel, this sack of organs, water, and blood is on loan, as you project up from the Earth mother.  Pay your rent my friends, give back to your mother.  She doesn’t need you…. SHE LOVES YOU.  Be present with your internal sensibilities and fear not the consequence of letting go of sed FEAR.  You are eternal you narrow minded people, YOU ARE ETERNAL.  Sing, dance, love, share, cry… and repeat.”

Blessed days to you,

James Ray

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