Full Moon in Aquarius :: 5:27 EST August 18 // Drop the Illusion

A basic starter kit, allowing you to see your life for what it is.  The illuminating power of Uranus, expressed by the moon, the depth of your reality.  Too often we forget, the moon is lit by the Sun, and never more then this tonight into tomorrow’s early morning culminating @ 2:27 Pacific 5:27 Eastern.

Silent Partner in Full Moon :: The Sun in Leo

Always remember, that the moon is directly fed light by the sun and the portion that we receive during a full moon is a reflection of the Sun’s energy ((this moon sponsored by 3rd decane Leo)).  Think big Leo energy with a tendency to express Aries/Mars energy now and then.  This is our investor for the full moon.  What does this mean?  Well, fixed energy of a fire sign.  If the stars were projectors, they certainly wouldn’t mind a fixed fire ((Leo)) with a flare for the impulsive and inspired ((Aries)) as their light source.  Expect a flawless performance and incredible showmanship from this Full Moon… in….

The Star :: Aquarius

Aquarius energy seeks TRUTH.  In my 34+ years on this planet, this much I know to be true.  Aquarians would seek to share truth before comfort, modesty before bragging, and never miss an opportunity to enrich their community through insightful remarks regarding the way things SHOULD and COULD be done.  Aquarians don’t seek a soapbox from which to portray their idealized version of the world.  They sit atop an idealized throne of intellectual supremacy that requires no pulpit, simply to open their mouths and begin expressing.  As you can see, this setup is ripe for “fall from grace” or “dispassionate unemotional rhetoric” ((be careful dear ones)).

The full moon lands at 25 degrees Aquarius, third decane of Aquarius.  Think fully matured Aquarius ((wise, kind, playful, healthily detached)) with a hint of Libra/Venus ((even mindedness, coolness, friendly, charismatic)).  This combination has the ability to be incredibly helpful.

The Lessons :: Endless

The illumination of self expression, a child like romp through a field of flowers, dreaming romantically of the days of yesteryear… we are undoubtedly in late Leo/Summer.  The energy builds from the depths, peering in through the viewfinder that is the moon.

As we have built towards this moon in Aquarius, we cannot forget the predecessors.  Moon in Sagittarius… go forth, explore, collect fiery data, what makes you passionate?  Moon in Capricorn…do more, be productive, make the most of every moment, and please, be practical.

And finally, into Aquarius…

Tips :: Moon into Aquarius.c7ef8f93efad0ee139c530859d0d9b11_view

  • think first – put your emotions in that pile over there, if they are important they will ask for your attention, you will be pleased to notice that most of them never say a peep, and simply wanted to be recognized at their moment of expansion.
  • drop illusion – besides delusions of grandeur and having incredibly high standards for friends and partners, Aquarian energy seeks to find truth under all of the lies and illusion, perfectly happy to sacrifice the emotional well being and psychological stability in the process.  This is a no holds barred assault on the safe and secure.
  • see the bigger picture – if you are invested in a story or a drama, expect to get a great ZOOM OUT ((be ready to let go)).  The truth is, when you attempt to be RIGHT, you have already shot yourself in the foot.  The answers and solutions you seek are not available through being RIGHT, or for that matter, being WRONG ((but notice now you may have to FEEL WRONG, to be able to see 360, because you have lived on being RIGHT beforehand)) the answers sought are only available via release and observation, critical analysis.
  • dream big – Aquarius sees no limits or boundaries to thinking, while simultaneously understanding that without structure nothing can manifest or explore itself ((Saturn is a co-ruler, of course)).  One of the scariest parts of life, from the view of an Aquarian, is the knowledge that ANYTHING is possible.  Good news is, you probably won’t get to that point of fear within the next 24 hours, so take advantage of the ability to dream your biggest dreams, and align them with your life over the next few weeks.
  • be kind – this is a message to all of you out there who have a significant other, and if you don’t currently, well, enjoy this time, Aquarius knows how to take space.  In your dealings with partners, you may find that any form of connection can trigger a feeling of being trapped.  The Aquarian energy seeks independence so vehemently, it can often interpret affection as suffocation.  The intellectual sharpness and emotional detachment can lead to some pretty defensive and aggressive tones and statements.  BE WILLING TO APOLOGIZE, BE WILLING TO BE WRONG, your partner loves you, that’s why they are willing to deal with all your quirky habits and neuroses.  If your statement feels charged as it is about to cross your lips… take a deep breath, or two, or ten, until the waters have calmed.


Theme for this Moon :: Any individual or astrologer could come up with a thousand different themes for this moon cycle, and I respect them all.  I was told recently by a Vedic Astrologer, “we have at least 4000 years before we really understand Astrology.”…..  Indeed.

Transcending Victim Mentality

robschouten1Victim mentality… like it?  Well, to some degree, we all do, it is a necessary part of being human.  Everything that happens in the world, in life, especially the tough times… things get real, really fast.

It is the byproduct of a helpful and evolutionary trait to feel as if you are the victim.  Let me explain.  If we were to take full responsibility for all situations, to live in our God self for a time, our head would spin with energetic empowerment, we would be forced to let go of emotional attachments and projection would cease to exist.  The evolutionary progress would be massive, creating change in every facet of our lives ((all cards on the table)).

In order to actually live, experience all that this beautiful planet has to offer.  In order to feel, to take time to understand each side of the coin.  In order to slow down the spiritual, mental, and emotional evolution… we say things like “just couldn’t do anything about that” or “guess I had it coming” while at our worst we blame another person or entity for our inability to move forward with our goals and desires.

This is victim… choosing to believe that your situation in life is triggered and controlled by forces outside oneself.  Why do I say that victim mentality is evolutionary and helpful? Let’s all take an opportunity to stop judging ourselves and allow for this internal process of self-soul recognition to unfold at it’s natural rate.  We MUST have a way to escape some of this intense madness that is our world.  The easiest way is to share responsibility with the rest of our reality.

Some people blame the planets #mercuryretrograde.  Some may even blame this full moon for their erratic feelings of supreme detachment and delusions of grandeur ((all potentials during this moon, stay grounded friends)).  Some blame the government, their parents, their past, their pets, their diet, their sports team having lost.  Needless to say, it’s a fun game of putting off the reality of feeling and owning a situation until the appropriate time.

Being a victim is somehow sanctimonious at the same time as it is a prison.  We are vindicated through this process.  The ego receives a specific type of boost from being a victim… TRY IT OUT, think of a situation that you know you are responsible for… say you have a late payment of some sort.  In your mind, tell yourself you could have been more wise with your money.  Next, tell yourself if it weren’t for all of the ridiculous fees and taxes and parking tickets and incredible price of gas then this would never have been a problem.  See the difference?  Doesn’t it feel kind of good to blame the outside world?  These are valid points, but alas, you are in control of your own reality.  That projection will find you time and time again, you will meet these projected barriers in the outside world as you live your life.

This, my friends, is how Aquarius energy works.  Aquarius will transcend the idea of being a victim by analyzing and observing, bringing a fresh perspective by seeing the positive aspects of all things.

Finally, I want to leave you with a channeling of the Aquarian Moon…


“If life were to last an eternity, what would you spend your days doing?  What about your evenings?  Where would you go immediately, where might you avoid?  If you had unlimited energy, how would you use it?  What hobbies and habits would develop?  If you had no reason to worry, how would you spend your time between exciting events?

Dear ones, these questions are the TRUTH of our reality, you have built your vision, based on the blocks given to you as a child and an adult.  Have you ever stopped to think, what is my building material?  Who decided that this is what we build with?  What are these building blocks made of?

Could we find a place between cynicism and laughter?  A place where we could collectively love, prosper, and dutifully help one another with apology for our uniquely individual expression.  OF COURSE, the time is now, you simply are NOT choosing it.  It is likely more complicated then we make it out to be, simplifying is a painfully “simple” process.  Step 1 : LET SHIT GO.  There is no step 2, life is step 2, 3, 4, 5, …..

Leave the old behind, you are exploring the darkness by lighting matches… throw them away, your eyes will adjust.  As you begin to recognize the darkness, you will become more sensitive to the presence of light.  Glory be to you, for you are in a time of endless fascination with what you see around you… TAKE THAT IN.

Birds can fly, dogs can run, cats sleep their days away in peace… as a human, what the hell do you do?  As a soul, how do you spend your downtime?  As a member of society, how do you add your drops to the bucket?

In whatever way you find to share your piece/peace with the world, do it in your own way.  Question and Praise everything, for it is all wonder, glory, and wisdom, JUST LIKE YOU.”

Blessings love ones

James Ray


James Ray is a gifted Astrologer, Psychic, and Empath with a way of seeing directly into the souls of his clients through the lens of his own heart. Using the clarity of his Aquarian mind he can pinpoint areas that may be problematic for you; and offer grounded and practical advice for looking at these issues. Clients describe James as ”intelligent, gentle, and kind” with the ability to communicate very clearly, bringing esoteric knowledge down to earth. Clients report experiencing major growth in the areas of health, relationships, and work after working with James. Even in the midst of significant life challenges, you can come out of a session with James feeling more light hearted, empowered and with insight you can immediately apply in your daily life.

James gets right to the heart of the matter and has a gentle but no-nonsense style in his readings. He uses his many gifts to provide clients with insight and a new viewpoint on their experiences in a positive, supportive and truly unique way. ”You may laugh and you may cry; but you will certainly leave a session with me feeling more positive, hopeful, and motivated.”

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