Relating Under Venus Retrograde

Well hello there Venus Retrograde, it’s been a bit.  Venus has such a smooth path most of the time, going into retrograde for less time than any other planet.  About 6 weeks every year and a half, a mere 7% of the time.  Transiting backwards approximately 17° before making it’s return trip.  This area of your life, represented by the planets and houses touched, will undoubtedly encounter come shifts in perception.

Venus Rx 2017

The outlook may feel bleak, disconnected, overly passionate or even lack passion.  You may find yourself looking to break away from old value systems and exploring some of the darker sides of your desire body.  I will remind you, first and foremost, that exploration is healthy, but you probably already know who you are, you intrepid star traveler.

The combination of factors brought forward by Venus retrograde lead me to one conclusion, and it is as follows.  You will have the opportunity to deepen, rejuvenate, and strengthen your current relationships.  The one caveat, you will WORK for it.  What exactly does this mean?  Well, that depends on a number of factors.  

First and foremost, how comfortable are you with your shadow side?  The part of you that most often has to wait on the sidelines.  It could be the drinker, the whore, the escape artist, the chameleon.  Again, this is the part of you that resides on the dark side of your desire body.  Take a look at your moon placement, now consider the shadow side of this aspect.  How does it feel to let this part of you go wild?  How does it feel to acknowledge that you have these desires, these tendencies?  At the end of the day, we live in a (for the most part) civilized society, and certain behaviors are frowned upon… I mean, don’t let the neighbors know that you practice transvestism!  Imagine what THEY would say!  Of course I joke, but I think you get the point.


Second and a bit more complicated, how do you feel when others see this side of you?  Often this side comes out after a couple of drinks, or after a harrowing experience.  During these times, we are less than conscious of the input, thoughts, and impressions of others.  The difference during Venus retrograde is that we will have more conscious control over the expression and overall display of the tightly held yet eager tendencies.


As Venus retrograde allows us to separate from our deeply ingrained value systems, we begin to look towards our deeper desires as we seek to find a new common ground within ourselves.  A few words of warning.  If you have been holding yourself too tightly, the desire to do things in secret, perhaps even overindulge, may become uncontrollable.  To this extent, I recommend you begin giving to yourself NOW, do not delay.  Are you a vegan who secretly wants a burger?  Go get it!  Are you tired of going to Church every Sunday and actually just want to play hookie and smoke a joint?  Hey, my God doesn’t judge you, and you deserve to explore your life.  Basically, give yourself a break before your self discipline breaks you.  We are all human, and to be human is to be flawed.  Flaws are the cracks we get to fill later on with our Unconditional Love Adhesive, aho.

This dynamic is exactly why it is the perfect time to invest in your current and long standing relationships.  People may show up from the past for a quick visit.  This could be in the form of a loving embrace on a subway platform, or a not so welcomed photo on social media… “I thought I blocked them!”.  One way or the other, these run ins are just a passing hello to remind you of the lessons that this individual represented, receive it with love and gratitude.  If you find yourself drawn to an ex partner, remember, you are not with them for a very good reason.

Venus Rx Mantra

Those who currently stand by your side, perhaps with rings on their fingers or linked bank accounts, these are the ones who will benefit from your journeys into your deepest desires.  They too, will be the most understanding and helpful as you reflect on these sensual explorations.

So, as this period begins on March 4, pray for patience, wisdom, understanding, and unconditional love towards your peoples.  If you are challenged in your relationships, then ahem, you have been forewarned.  It is WORTH THE WORK, these opportunities don’t come along often.  Give your friends, family, and lovers the utmost of respect and space to go through their process and NEVER close your heart to them, regardless of your emotional state.

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Rhodochrosite – recovering lost gifts, loving the inner child, regenerating the heart
  2. Snowflake Obsidian – seeing how we block ourselves, thinking twice before speaking
  3. Aqua Aura – patience, dynamic empowerment, seeing the beauty in things

Xx Amidst the Chaos, Find your Peace xX

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As an Intuitive Healer and Psychic Astrologer, James uses his empathic and psychic gifts to offer a supportive healing environment to his clients.  Spirit speaks through James in many forms including mediumship, visions, and direct messages from spirit guides.  All messages arimg_7424.jpge expressed with the ultimate goal of offering the most practical, direct, and painless healing path as is possible for those who seek his services.  James is a modern medicine man, and through healing his own mental and physical health challenges has learned the magic of plant and energy based healing.  Pulling upon the Earth’s ancient traditions of maintaining a balanced body, James will recommend crystals, supplements, and mindfulness activities to best align with your style to further bolster your growth and confidence.

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