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This weekend marks the Virgo full moon.  I have always found that when new and full moons, as well as aspects, occur on a Sunday, the collective seems to go just a bit deeper and further with the impact.  Being off of work, spending time with loved ones, getting alone time, these can all provide a certain type of relaxation not often found in our weekday lives.  Under an increasingly relaxed state, we allow for the natural flow.  Astrology is nothing if not observing the natural patterns of the cosmos, the “flow” between the skies and the individual, the stars and the collective, the seen on the unseen.  Virgo full moon, you have your stage.

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Under any Virgo influence, we are likely to experience a focus in  mental energy.  This energy is highly analytical, yet seems to understand emotional patterns.  The energy is tremendously good at managing the environment, if in fact, there is at the very least the illusion of control.  For instance, the inner world is much more “controllable” than is the outside world.  The outside world reminds us of that which we do not control in all moments.  Control, and the desire to control, are not, in their essence negative qualities or states of being, although some may argue that control of any type is an illusion in and of itself, but that is not important when it comes to the mind’s manifestation abilities, especially on the inner world.

Virgo has a specific knack for noticing and analyzing the interconnectedness of things.  Most pertinent in my experience as a Virgo moon sign in the third house, has been to understand the interconnectedness between the mind and the emotions, between stimulus and response.  A psychologically aware experience is created.  What one does with that space is up to them.  Virgo aspires to “BE” with purpose, in meeting with the moon, we explore the purposefulness on a deeper level.

Manifesting through Thought

When our minds spend time on any specific experience or thought pattern, the likelihood of the thought form manifesting in the world increases.  Subject to the resistance of one’s existing environment, some thoughts can manifest instantly.  For instance, if you were to think about a friend winning the lottery, you may, on some level be increasing the chances of that happening. However, the chances of them winning are still mostly dependent on whether or not they bought a ticket, or how many other people are thinking, hoping, and acting on the same intention.  This is an example of the limitations of creating things with your mind.  If you truly want to manifest, decisive and intentional action under passionate inspiration and loving influence will go an infinite length further than sitting and praying.

Where does your mental energy flow?
This makes for an inner world that is much more controllable and easy to influence.  When scared, shocked, or out of sorts, we will find a way to self-soothe, most often done through controlling one’s environment or attempting to.

One danger associated with this ability to manifest is the ability to deceive oneself.  Given the appropriate circumstances, an individual can construct an inner experience while simultaneously interfacing with the world through personally constructed lenses.  Not to say there is any one given reality, but this leaves the individual very out of touch with the natural rhythms and flows around them.  Influences like nature and rhythms of the body can become distorted and misunderstood.  Virgo has a natural focus towards patterns, so given the right loving eye, the awareness will naturally balance this tendency.

This is why, my friends, that we must remain as the observer.  The virgo influence reminds us of our ability to deconstruct anything with our minds.  Stripping away the many layers of human existence should be undertaken, in my opinion, with some modicum of reverence.  One very important way to show this reverence is patience.  The invisible yet highly effective worker is on the case, delving deeply yet objectively into the patterns and habits of our lives and our psychology.  This archetype and its expression are as old as time itself, it knows what it is doing.

When we attempt to disagree or debate this archetype, we end up becoming that which is scrutinized, criticized, we are put under that microscope.  There are times for this, but they are few and far between.

The key to capitalizing on this natural gift is to let go and allow for Virgo to do her work.  Virgo intuitively uses the mind very efficiently and effectively, but you don’t need to get involved.  The motor will continue to idle without you pressing the gas, just let it do so.  Instead, use the awareness of your inner workings to build an internal observation team.

Give your attention to the inner dialogue, observe.  Within every moment, you are creating an observer body and transcending the psychobabble.  I can attest, that this work is as confusing as it sounds at times, but once maintained, an integration begins to occur.  The mind and the observer begin to work with and for one another, as opposed to struggling for control and exhausting themselves in the process.  The doorways to manifestation become more obvious as do the ways in which WE are responsible for our own life.  

This is the gift of awareness, don’t take it so seriously when you begin to SEE yourself.  Life isn’t about any specific thing, so no THING is inherently bad or evil, you can forgive yourself.

The Mechanism of Prayer

Prayer is a powerful mode of expression. There is a tapping into of one’s larger “idea” of reality and energy body.  Through convincing oneself that you are being supported by a higher power, you IMMEDIATELY come under the influence of a “higher power”.  The concept of the higher power is as well under the limitation of the individual’s understanding of sed concept.  It is forever beneficial to release the past attachments and quests in order to be fully present, effective, and whole in each moment.  With regard to prayer, you are becoming a larger and somehow more powerful version of “the moment” by integrating the idea of a higher power into your sense of reality.  Upon doing so, you may speak or remain silent as you express your desires to the ether, which based on this example, contains some God-like identity, bouncing it back at you.  So, even if you don’t believe in a higher power, this may inspire you to try it.  If you do believe in the higher power, see this as a mechanism of embodying that higher power, reverence in action.

Crystal Recommendations

  1. Vanadanite – energy to complete things, strength into lower chakras, taking action
  2. Fulgurite – manifestation of prayers, flashes of insight, making changes
  3. Bloodstone – stay grounded, support the body’s ability to heal itself

Xx Your mind is a powerful tool, ensure that you are on the same team xX

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