Love is a Choice

What moment are you in?
A moment of tragedy?
A moment of triumph?
A moment of utter despair?
A moment of inspiration?

Whatever the case, the moment IS. Undeniably present in your process of life, the moment spins endlessly with possibility. The chances of actually curating your life, or choreographing the dance are slim to none. The amount of exponential potentials is mind boggling, we must find a way to release, to let go, to be free of the desire to hold so tight that our fingers bleed.

Filling the Void

This is where love comes in. I want you to think of love as more of an idea than anything else. Let the word, the letters L-O-V-E really hit you and see what sticks. One person may be reminded of an experience from childhood eating ice cream or petting a horse. Another may think of an unusually amazing sexual experience or a departed loved one. When you find your version of of LOVE, let it sink into your bones as a feeling. Let the thought form manifest infinitely within your cells and let it BREAK YOU DOWN. Tears are not an uncommon response to experiencing LOVE. With our often formulaic and self disciplined reality filters, we often miss the tiny portions of life that are LOVE incarnate.

Luckily, others don’t give a damn about your internal control paradigm, and they will destroy your cold steel Saturnian reality goals simply by smiling at you, listening to you speak, or even more diabolical, they may HUG you, tell you that they CARE about you, or give you a piece of handmade chocolate!!

All of these experiences, regardless of which side you are on, are an unconscious experience of LOVE, the natural state of energy flow between and within things.


LOVE is the food and blood of the soul. ((Libraries have been written on the idea and still fail to scratch the surface of LOVE’s definition, and I certainly will not attempt to do so here)) We need love, in all it’s forms, in order to experience a life that is joyful and safe. As children we rely on our parents, our guardians, our siblings, our teachers, the television, food, etc. to give us the love that we need. Through difficult experiences, we may, at a very early age, be forced into situations that require us to learn to LOVE ourselves.

Loving from the Shadow

For 6 years of my life 8-14, I was persecuted on a daily basis for “not following the rules” “asking questions”, you know, just being an Aquarian kid in a Catholic School. I was told that I would “go to hell” I was told that I was “ruining the family” I was told that “you will end up in prison” ((jokes on them, my family is fine, hell is a construct designed to make people fear, and I only spent one night in a jail cell in my late teens for possessing cannabis)). Long story short, I was forced to find love for myself, as it was regularly taken away from me by my environment. All that I wanted was time alone, and I would fake being sick to get it. I would tell everyone that I didn’t feel well and would be sleeping in my room. What I was actually doing was thanking God that I had space from these awful people. How could they be so stupid? How could they be such sheep, such cowards, so deaf dumb and blind? Clearly I needed some alone time, and I created it and this was my form of love. I felt safe, my stomach would finally uncurl, I would be safe to cry without being questioned by some unbalanced lunatic of an adult that had NO IDEA what they were doing with their life.


This, while highly cathartic and self serving to share, is an example of LOVE. I was just a kid, needing something from my environment, call it peace, understanding, lightheartedness, an escape, and I WAS NOT getting it. So I learned to be alone. I learned the power of isolation, I learned how much I care about myself, that I was willing to eschew the rest of society in order to preserve the sanctity of my own soul. I never once considered fulfilling the wishes of the adults around me, as I hated them and considered their wishes to be petty lemming like attempts to please their own parents or God concept. Let’s just say I was a weird kid.

Love as a Choice

Regardless of your current situation, good bad or otherwise, I want you to choose love. Love is the original trump card. Love does not bow to hate or fear or sadness or loneliness or rage. Love can LOVE all these things.

Love isn’t based on an assessment of the situation, deciding and doling out favors or stickers to the winners. No, my friends, THAT is called CONDITIONAL LOVE and it is not LOVE at all, it IS MANIPULATION.

When we give ourselves conditional love, expect your body, mind, and emotions to pay you back somehow. While you can reprogram yourself, you certainly cannot manipulate yourself. For whatever you push shall push back, you are engaging in a civil war.

Stop fighting yourself

When we offer true LOVE, the feeling, the idea that we spoke of earlier, we find our center point. Whereas what we put in, the LOVE, begins to boil, swell, grow, fruit. There is no REACTIVE state to love, it is an immaculate reception thrown infinite miles to soul, there is simply a resonance, a warmth, a support that manifests out of seemingly thin air. LOVE requires no reason or justification, an observation without judgement, a discernment towards the highest good of all beings.

So as you sit in your chair at work, or you ride the train home, look around at your environment, consider your relationship to these people, places, and things. While you cannot choose the situations in life, you can certainly choose your response.

LOVE will not wash away the circumstance, it will not pay your mortgage, it will also not write your next blog post. What it will do, however, is lubricate the experience of life, softening the hard times, smoothing out the hard edges. In this world, where we can often be seen changing lanes to save seconds on travel, convert your internal engine to LOVE fuel and increase you efficiency and efficacy in all areas of life, choose the LOVE lane.  Be prepared for when things are rough, and be ready to share your abundance during the good times.

Xx Shine on yourself when the world seems dark. xX

About the Author

As an Intuitive Healer and Psychic Astrologer, James uses his empathic and psychic gifts to offer a supportive healing environment to his clients.  Spirit speaks through James in many forms including mediumship, visions, and direct messages from spirit guides.  All messages arimg_7424.jpge expressed with the ultimate goal of offering the most practical, direct, and painless healing path as is possible for those who seek his services.  James is a modern medicine man, and through healing his own mental and physical health challenges has learned the magic of plant and energy based healing.  Pulling upon the Earth’s ancient traditions of maintaining a balanced body, James will recommend crystals, supplements, and mindfulness activities to best align with your style to further bolster your growth and confidence.

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